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About NoRestore

(Addon for Restore Upon Death)
Prevents the Restore Upon Death plugin from restoring player inventory in certain zones.
An expansion everyone will love!



Features :

  • Simple Config
  • Notification after death
  • Toggle Notification 
  • Modify Chat Icon
  • Modify Chat Prefix
  • Permissions (bypass & nonotify)
  • Language support (EN & DE)

Download the NoRestore.cs plugin and move it to the plugins folder, to be found under oxide\plugins directory.

Dependencies Required 
NoRestore only works if ZoneManager & RestoreUponDeath are installed.

NoRestore.bypass - players/admins with this perm get their stuff restored
NoRestore.nonotify - nonotify so players/admins with this permission no longer get a message.

Example Configuration:

The settings and options can be configured in the NoRestore.json file under the oxide/config directory.
The use of an "JSON-Editors" is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.

  "Chat Settings": {
    "Chat Prefix": "<size=12><color=#AE3624>YOURSERVERNAME</color> <size=16>|</size> <color=#738D45>NoRestore</color>\n",
    "Notification In Chat": true,
    "ChatIcon (SteamID)": 76561198978132862
  "Zone Settings": {
    "List ZoneIDs": [

Plugin Configuration:
Chat Settings

  •     Chat Prefix - You can set the chat prefix (YOURSERVERNAME can be replaced with your server name)
  •     Notification In Chat - Enables or disables notification after death in general (By default, notification is enabled for the player)
  •     ChatIcon (SteamID) - Here you can add a chat icon, all you need to do is add a SteamID (By default, no SteamID is stored, so it is set to 0, i.e. deactivated!)

Zone Settings

  •     List ZoneIDs - here you simply add the ZoneIDs from the ZoneManager plugin where the "NoRestore" plugin should not restore the inventory. (The ZoneIDs can be found in zone_data.json under oxide\data\ZoneManager directory.)

The default messages are in the NoRestore.json file under the lang/en directory.
To add support for another language, create a new language folder (e.g. ru for Russian) if not already created, copy the default language file to the new folder and then customize the messages.

Default Messages for en

  "NoRestorCM": "Inventory was not restored!"


@Krungh Crow for helping

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