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About My Posi


This small plugin displays your current position in the format x, y, z.
It is particularly useful for plugins that support custom coordinates.


myinfo.use - Grants the user permission to use the /myposi command.


/myposi - By using the command /myposi, you can display your current position in the chat. 


The plugin currently supports English and German.

  "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command!",
  "Position": "You posi is: ",
  "PluginPrefix": "<size=16><color=#AE3624>MY</color> <color=#738D45>POSI</color></size>"


  "NoPermission": "Du hast keine Berechtigung, diesen Befehl zu verwenden!",
  "Position": "Deine Position ist: ",
  "PluginPrefix": "<size=16><color=#AE3624>MY</color> <color=#738D45>POSI</color></size>"

PsIf you find the plugin useful, I would appreciate a thumbs up, as I'm fond of likes!

If you're looking for a plugin with advanced features, I highly recommend the @Krungh Crow


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