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EasyVoteDataConverter 1.0.1

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About EasyVoteDataConverter

EasyVoteDataConverter is the plugin that will make your heart race if you're still using the old free version of Umod that hasn't been updated for years!

Perhaps you've decided to purchase the paid version, EasyVotePro, from developer BippyMiester.
Or maybe you're still using the EasyVoteLite version.
But then you encounter the problem:
How do you transfer the cherished votes from the old EasyVote.json of Umod of your players into the new format for EasyVotePro or EasyVoteLite?

We faced the exact same problem, which is why we developed this converter!
Using the command "/evliteconvert" will convert the old EasyVote.json into the correct format for EasyVoteLite.json.
Using the command "/evproconvert" will convert the old EasyVote.json into the correct format for EasyVotePro.json.

In this guide, we'll explain how to best utilize this plugin! But before you dive into executing commands, make sure to confirm which version you're actually using.
We recommend EasyVotePro since support for EasyVoteLite will end on April 4, 2024!
Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Unload the EasyVotePro or EasyVoteLite plugin in the directory oxide/plugins/ or Carbon/plugins.
  • Navigate to the "Data" folder and locate EasyVotePro.json or EasyVoteLite.json. Rename or delete them if you no longer need them.
  • Place the EasyVoteDataConverter plugin in the plugins folder.
  • Join your server and ensure you're assigned to the admin group. Without this, you won't be able to execute the command!
  • Enter the appropriate command to convert the old EasyVote.json for the desired plugin.
  • After entering the command, the file EasyVotePro.json or EasyVoteLite.json will be created, depending on which command you executed.

We recommend restarting the server once.
Once the server is offline, you can delete the "EasyVoteDataConverter" plugin from the plugin folder and then reinsert your EasyVotePro or EasyVoteLite plugin.

Restart the Server and check for any errors that may occur.

Why the server restart?
In our tests, we found that the EasyVotePro.json data was reset by the EasyVotePro.cs plugin. Hence, we recommend a restart so that the new .json file is accepted by the plugin!

Why should I rename my EasyVotePro.json / EasyVotePro.json?
This serves as a backup in case you already have votes. You'll then need to manually add the players. Make sure not to add duplicate players.
If you need to make such a setting change, it's best to take the server offline!

P.S.: Always make a backup, as it allows you to revert everything in case of mistakes.

The old format EasyVote.json on Umod.

  "Players": {
    "765611980931000": {
      "voted": 715,
      "lastTime_Voted": "2024-03-10T06:46:00.2425923Z"

The new format EasyVotePro.json or EasyVoteLIte.json on Codefling.

  "765611980931000": 715

We've tested this plugin on Oxide & Carbon, and it works perfectly!
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to PM me or submit a support ticket.

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