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About Item Info

A small yet plugin that swiftly provides information about the item you're holding in your hand.

Once you have an item in your hand and want to get information about it, execute the command /iteminfo. The relevant information will then be displayed in the chat.

  • ItemName
  • ItemShortName
  • ItemSkinId
  • ItemID


  • iteminfo.use - Grants the user permission to use the /iteminfo command.


  • /iteminfo - This command allows you to display information about the item. You need to execute the command while holding the item in your hand.


  • The plugin currently supports English and German.
      "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command!",
      "NoItemEquipped": "You have not equipped any item.",
      "PluginPrefix": "<size=16><color=#AE3624>ITEM</color> <color=#738D45>INFO</color></size>"


      "NoPermission": "Du hast keine Berechtigung, diesen Befehl zu verwenden!",
      "NoItemEquipped": "Du hast kein Item ausgerüstet!",
      "PluginPrefix": "<size=16><color=#AE3624>ITEM</color> <color=#738D45>INFO</color></size>"

    Ps: If you find the plugin useful, I would appreciate a thumbs up, as I'm fond of likes!

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