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Railwayls Depot 1.0.0


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About Railwayls Depot

An old railway depot from the 19th century. On the territory of the location you will find several detailed buildings with green and red map puzzles. The waiting room is well designed and will take you back in time. In the central part of the monument there are railway tracks with wagons and several transition platforms. Also on the territory there is a large area of a repair depot and spare parts from wagons and tracks. If you are creating a map for your server with railway paths, then this monument will fit perfectly on your map

This prefab/monument is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


Prefab Count – 8100
Size – comparable to a Water Treatment
Puzzles with green and red cards

Crate Normal 2 – 25 crate
Crate Normal  – 2 crate
Elite Crate – 2 crate
Barrels – 57 barrel


Splat Mask
Height Mask
Topology Mask
Biom Mask

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