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Explore both free and premium custom tools to streamline and improve processes for various games such as Rust.

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  1. $20.00 $18.00

    Rust Magic Auth (Rust Magic Extension)

    This is an extension for my existing product Rust Magic! Please do not purchase this if you do not already own the base product.
    Fully customisable lightweight pugin RustMagicAuth.cs using Oxide's Config, Data, and Lang systems. Reads from your existing Rust Magic config file - no need to re-specify what you already entered. Uses Rust Magic's connection logic - no unnecessary RCON connections. One single command to view any SteamID's, Discord ID's, Discord @'s, or Discord Name's link data. Re-assign a user's Discord role when they rejoin your Discord server after leaving. Revoke permissions if they leave your Discord. Re-grant permissions if they decide to join your Discord again. Name syncing from in-game to Discord Role syncing that works both ways, depending on how you set it up. TBA: MySQL Database support. Authentication Flow
    User types /auth in-game, and receives a code. User PMs this code in a command to your RustMagic bot, e.g. /auth ab12cd34 User is asked to select which server they received this code on using the same reaction-based menu as with other Rust Magic commands. The code is checked against what that server has on record, and if invalid is asked to re-enter their code. Once the code is confirmed as valid, the user will receive 3 things: All of the oxide groups or permissions you have specified across all of your servers. A thank you message on the server they received their code on (if logged in) A discord role in your server to show that they are authenticated. The authentication flow is now complete. Requirements
    Rust Magic > v1.1.0 ("extensions update") A windows, linux, or mac server that is already setup to run Rust Magic Knowledge of the Oxide Permissions System Installation
    Extract the ZIP to your Desktop or other appropriate location. Select the distribution that most closely resembles your setup (should be the same as your chosen Distribution for Rust Magic) Drag the rustmagicauth.xxxxx.xx file into your Rust Magic Extensions/ folder Ensure your config is setup correctly Restart Rust Magic Configuration
    The plugin uses Oxide's default systems to handle config, language settings, and data.
    It is recommended you clear oxide/data/RustMagicAuth.json as frequently as you wipe to ensure codes cannot be guessed.
    { "Chat Icon (Steam64 ID)": 76561199093053926, "Chat Prefix": "<color=#d464e8>Magic Auth</color>:", "Valid Auth Code Characters": "1234567890abcdef", "Auth Code Length": 8, "Oxide Group To Check User For": "auth" } While most of this is self explanatory, it's important to note the following:
    Valid Auth Code Characters must match the config for the extension. Auth Code Length must match the config for the extension. The oxide group to check for is used solely to prevent a user from generating a code after they've authenticated. It is assumed that you will grant authenticated users an oxide group instead of a single permission. Extension
    Please see sample.json after purchase for fully-detailed explanations on what each option does.
    Briefly, however:
    You can get Discord Role/Server/Channel IDs by going to Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode
    This bot will work if you want to have logs in a Staff discord, but if this is the case ensure settings.discord_server_id has been explicitly set.
    find <steam64ID, @User, Discord Username, Discord ID>
    Retrieves the link data for the specified user if available.
    unlink <@User, Steam64 ID, Discord User ID>
    This will remove all in-game permissions, their Discord role, and all data about their accounts that the bot has stored.
    reward @User
    Allows you to trigger a manual execution of all tasks that would be needed to give a user their rewards.
    Useful if, for example, your server is offline when the bot tries to reward the user.
    This is a command intended for users of your community! It will allow them to perform a re-execution of all commands only for themself, with a cooldown of 1 hour.
    If you’re tired of users saying “I didn’t get my rewards”, this is perfect for you as you can just tell them to run /rewards and the ticket is resolved.
    As of version 1.2.0, you will be required to merge your existing in-game auth.json file!
    Once you are using the latest version of the plugin, you will see that there is a now folder: oxide/data/RustMagicAuth
    You can drag and rename your old RustMagicAuth.json data file into here, the new name you want to use is auth.json.
    Additionally, there is a new config option: Clear Name Data on Wipe which you can set to true to make the (potentially large) date files clear themselves of useless & old data.
    Name Sync
    The latest version of Rust Magic Auth now has name syncing!
    The RustMagicAuth.cs plugin gathers all of this information and provides an RCON command that the RustMagic bot will execute perioidcally.
    It will set the nickname of people in your Discord server to the latest recorded Steam name that they have (authenticated members only).
    Role Sync
    Along with name syncing, role syncing is now an available feature.
    Please be incredibly careful when setting it up, as it has the power to very easily result in financial losses if you are using it with VIPs and Nitro Boosters.
    First of all, two-way syncs can be incredibly dangerous. When RustMagicAuth detects that a user has a Discord role you want to sync, it will perform that command across all servers. This means if setup incorrectly, a user receiving VIP on one server could potentially end up having VIP on all servers.
    Secondly, due to the nature of Oxide, there is no simple and efficient way to detect when an oxide group is added or removed from a user. Because of this, data is updated only when the user joins a server. This means the previous data doesn’t persist anywhere, and we’re left only with a list of what groups they currently have.
    Finally, it’s important to read the sample.json file as you may have missed new command configs or new mandatory settings.

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  2. $30.00

    Rust Magic (Discord Bot)

    A utility bot that helps with administrating your Rust servers without going in-game for the information - pure magic!

    Simple-setup config Supports BattleMetrics RCON and direct RCON to your server Seamlessly include all your servers from this single bot Smart pagination when the results are too large to display (e.g combatlog) Customisable combatlog output Colour config options to keep output in line with your brand Full Playing ... Discord status customisation View the combatlog of any steamID on any of your servers See who's in a player's team or clan directly from Discord Convert steam vanity URLs to Steam IDs and find their profile on BattleMetrics quickly Automatic name conversion so you always have a player's most recent Steam name Disable commands you don't need or want Restrict command usage to specific roles using their names or IDs Free-to-use emojis included to be used as templates or the real thing - they help keep things looking organised! Includes and integrates with Wxll's ClansRcon.cs plugin to provide additional features not usually available from console. Detailed logging  NetworkID logging &amp; searching Combatlog + NetworkID linking - no more unresolveable combatlogs. Adaptive and clear error handling - so you know what's gone wrong. Player notifications - see when a player you want to spectate comes on and offline Anti staff mention system - warns users not to tag your staff members! Rust Game ban checking - check if a SteamID has been game banned from Rust Chat Sync that works BOTH WAYS! And nearly all of the above is fully customisable through the simple configuration file. Custom commands to allow for restarting your server from Discord, muting from Discord, etc with a customisable syntax. I am completely open to ideas, bug reports, suggestions, and other comments so please get in touch in Discord and mention you have some feedback for this product &lt;3

    All commands that require a server to be chosen will first have a short dialog box allowing you to choose which server is relevant to you. If you only have one server, you will skip this step.
    <> are required parameters
    [] are optional parameters

    convert <vanity URL or steam link>
    Finds the Steam64 ID of a user and provides a link to find related profiles on BattleMetrics.

    cinfo <clan name or steam64 ID>
    Shows which members are part of the specified clan
    Or, if you are using Wxll's included ClansRcon plugin, will also show their allies and pending alliances and allows you to search by SteamID.

    teaminfo<steam64 ID>
    Shows the current members of a player's team, based on the team UI.

    combatlog <steam64 ID>
    Shows a well-formatted and detailed variant of a player's combatlog that can be customised however you please. Only want to see
    Attacker -> Target | Head | 100hp -> 75hp ? No problem.
    Results are paginated and will timeout after 5 minutes. You will know because the reactions disappear 🙂
    notify &lt;steam64 ID&gt; &lt;reason they are being watched&gt;
    Enables notifications for when this steamID logs in or out of any of your servers. When you no longer wish to watch this user, the reason is not necessary.
    check &lt;steam64 ID&gt;
    Checks if a user has a Rust game ban on their account
    networkid &lt;steam64 ID OR network ID&gt;
    Shows the Steam IDs and NetworkIDs that are linked to this NetworkID or SteamID.
    Results will expire after 7 days as it's possible for one person to have many SteamIDs in a few days.

    Installation &amp; Running (Any OS)
    First of all, you'll need to extract the ZIP somewhere and edit your config.
    After that go into the Distributions/ folder and you should see a variety of folders named based on the operating system. If you don't see a folder that roughly matches your Operating System (Windows Server 2012 would work on Win Server 2019, for example), please try the closest one and if it doesn't work get in touch so I can build a new distribution for you.      You need to drag that file into the top directory, where run.py is otherwise the script will not work!      Install Python3.8      You may be able to simply download Python directly from the link above.      You may have to run sudo apt-get install python3.8 on some linux distributions.      Others may require you to build Python from source Ensure that you Add Python to PATH and Install PIP if the options are presented to you!
    If you didn't manage to get PIP installed, install it manually.     
    Now let's find out how you can run Python - try some of the following commands until one works, or take a guess at which is most likely to work by typing them into your command prompt / console.
    The -V flag is just to output the version of Python you're running. Please do not include it in further commands you run, as it will prevent them from working.     
    python -V python3.8 -V     python3 -V       py -3.8 -V       /path/to/python -V      
    Great! Now we need to install the packages. Replacing
    python with the command you found above, run this: python -m pip install discord.py aiohttp webrcon jishaku       Fantastic, everything is installed now.
    Let's run the bot (assuming the config is all setup), again replacing
    python with the command you found previously. python run.py       Did you get an
    ImportError ? That's because I haven't yet built the source code for your operating system. Please get in touch and I'll have it done as soon as possible.
    The Config
    Since there is currently no automatic config generator, I have included a file called
    SAMPLE config.json which includes detailed explanations for each directive.
    Please ask first, but occasionally I may have the odd minute or two to help out with your config, so it's worth a shot DMing or @ing me if you get stuck.

    I don't understand JSON!
    In JavaScript | Comparisons to XML | JSON Tutorial

    What is a prefix? Can I have multiple?
    A prefix is a short few characters that you put before each command. For example, if you want to use the command
    %cinfo Meow , your prefix would be
    % . You can have multiple by changing this to
    prefixes and having an array instead of a string, but this is a more advanced usage. Mentioning (@User) the bot will also always work.

    How do I get a token?
    Go to the Discord Developers page and create yourself an application. Give it a name and appropriate profile picture, then go to "Bot User". You need to create a bot user for it, and then copy the token that appears. This is what you enter into the config.

    How do I get a Steam API Key?

    How do I change the status?
    Under the game section of the config, you will see name, status, and type.
    The name appears after the Playing part.
    The status is the colour indicator the bot has. You can use
    online ,
    offline ,
    idle ,
    dnd and
    invisible .
    The type is essentially whether the bot is Playing or Watching. Set it to whatever you please, but keep it lowercase.

    I don't understand the emojis
    In Discord, a custom emoji is internally represented as
    &lt;:emojiname:1234567789010&gt; , with an a before the first colon if it's animated and the numbers being the emoji's ID. You can view this by typing the emoji into discord, e.g. :emojiname: and putting a backslash before it. So \:emojiname: will now show as the above format when you send the message! This is what you need to enter if you wish to use a custom Discord emoji.
    If you want to use a unicode emoji, simply copy it and paste the emoji in using any notepad software that isn't the Windows default. The config file is loaded using UTF-8 so make sure you use it too 🙂
    You are free to use the emojis found in the
    Emojis/ folder however you wish, as they are a good starting point for making your menus look pretty.

    How do I change the embed colours?
    Enter a hexadecimal colour value that is 6 characters in length with or without the #.
    Colour Picker

    Do I want to use RCON or BM?
    If you don't want to see your BattleMetrics spammed with commands every time someone runs a command, use RCON.
    If you think your server already has way too many RCON connections, use BM.
    You cannot have both set to true! They must always be opposites of eachother!

    If you want to disable a certain command, set
    disabled to
    True and it won't work.
    You can enter role names OR role IDs into the command's required roles section. If you are likely to have duplicated role names, use IDs.
    For the combatlog command, change the line format however you please. Have a mess around with it, but just know that the text surrounded in curly braces is special and you cannot use curly braces anywhere else. If you want to move old_hp for example, move {old_hp}.
    For the cinfo command, if you have the ClansRcon.cs plugin installed, make sure clans_rcon is true.

    Each server requires 3 things: Credentials, a unique name, and a unique emoji.
    The emojis and names must be unique as they are used as identifiers and ways of identifying which server has been selected. If they are not unique, you will get unexpected results.
    If you are using BM to send commands to your server, you must specify BM credentials. Please see the sample config for an example, but you will need an API token with Send raw RCON command permission and your BattleMetrics Server ID. You can extract the ID by going to your server's RCON or public page, and taking the 6+ numbers out of the URL.
    If you are using RCON to send commands, you must specify the IP, Port, and Password. It will directly connect to your server to send the commands.
    For the cinfo command to function properly, you must also clearly mark any server that has the clans plugin installed by setting
    "has_clans": true . It can be
    false if it doesn't have the clans plugin installed.
    To add a new server, you must be familiar with the JSON structure! Simply create a new object that follows the same conventions as the other servers and put it in the "servers" array.
    How do I stop my server from displaying "SERVER" when a message is sent from Discord?
    To do this, you need to alter the way that the
    say  command behaves! You can do so with a plugin called BetterSay! If you wish to replicate the screenshot that's in the gallery, here's my config:
    {     "Format": "{Title} {Message}",     "Title": "Some Rust Server",     "Title Color": "#ff00ff",     "Message Color": "white",     "Chat Icon (SteamID64)": 76561198095312826 } ClansRcon.cs - What is this?
    This is a plugin developed by a reputable and good friend of mine, Wxll. He is a developer for LucidGaming and has made many fantastic plugins for Lucid and other servers.
    I requested this be created for two reasons:
    The ClansReborn plugin is very buggy. Without this, I usually get an output that looks something like this:
      Level Name   SteamID Status             Nya   Owner  Kitty   76561198095312826 As you can see, the data here is wrongly aligned with the column headers presumably because the Tag column is missing. column is missing. This isn't the only problem. If I try to find a clan that doesn't exist - it'll throw an error, and cause lag for players.
    If I want to find a clan by SteamID? Likely to error.
    If I request all clans? Throws an error and causes server lag.     
    The ClansRcon plugin provides me with easy to use and intuitive responses, causes no lag, and still returns accurate information.

    He has given me express permission to distribute this file, and without it the
    cinfo command would be very unstable. Of course, if you do not wish to use that's fine. There's a config setting called
    clansrcon which you can set to false if you don't want to use it, though I personally recommend you use it.

    Emojis Preview

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  3. $80.00

    Social Link

    🔗 Social Link 
    📝 Table of Contents
    Introduction Motivation Features Getting Started Requirements Installation Setup CRON Job Scheduling Dashboard Configuration  
    ❇️ Introduction
    Social Link is a site that allows the user to link their Discord/Steam account and get perks or rewards. It's a simple service that checks whether the user is present in the Steam group or/and in the Discord server (it can also assign a Discord role automatically), then it can send custom commands via RCON (compatible with multiple server). This project was primarily made for Rust servers administrators.
    💎 Features
    Steam authentication Discord authentication Steam group checker Discord Guild checker Discord role assignment Sends custom RCON commands Possibility of having multiple Rust servers or RCON commands will be sent Option to Enable/Disable Steam Group Check / Discord Auth / Discord role assignment / RCON Commands Admin dashboard Discord Webhooks logs Possibility for the user to de-authenticated Possible for the admin to de-authenticated a user Custom Discord/Steam oxide group name Customization of the site name, logo, design, links (Discord / Steam group / store) Checking all users if they are in the Steam group and/or in Discord (Automated and Manual).  
    ⚡ Getting Started
    ✅ Requirements
    Ubuntu or Debian Nginx PHP SQLite Composer Node.js with npm Supervisor 💻 Installation
    Download the source code. Go to directory: cd Social-Link Create a database file with:  touch database/social-link.sqlite Install: composer install Rename or copy env.example to .env: cp .env.example .env Generate a new application key php artisan key:generate You can find your Steam API key here.
    Discord Login Setup:
    Create new application here Go on OAuth2 and add redirect (use this format: "https://domain.com/discord/callback") Before continuing, you must modify the ".env" otherwise the rest will not work.
    This information is essential to be modified in the .env, other information will have to be modified on the dashboard.
    DB_DATABASE= # full path to your db file "/path/to/project/database/social-link.sqlite" ADMIN_STEAM_ID= # The first user who will have the admin role (you will have the option to add another admin later). STEAM_KEY= # The steam API key to authenticate via Steam. STEAM_REDIRECT_URI= # The redirect URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/auth/steam/callback) # If you want to use Discord: DISCORD_CLIENT_ID= # CLIENT ID to authenticate via discord DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET= # CLIENT SECRET to authenticate via discord (NOT THE TOKEN BOT) DISCORD_REDIRECT_URI= # Redirection URL (it must be in this format: https://domain.com/discord/callback)  
    Once you have completed the .env file:
    Setup database tables:  php artisan migrate:fresh --seed Install Node dependencies: npm install && npm run prod  
    ✍️ Job Scheduling
    To send RCON commands and check all users if they are in the steam group and/or in the discord in the background, you need to install Supervisor or use a tools like Forge or Ploi.
    🕐 Setup CRON (Automatic Check)
    Open crontab:  sudo crontab -e Append:  * * * * * php /path/to/project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 "/path/to/project/artisan" becomes whatever directory you've set in your nginx config file  
    👑 Dashboard Configuration
    Now you have everything configured you must log in. Go to the homepage (your-domain.com) and click on Get Started. Once logged in, go your-domain.com/admin, then go to Settings & Servers and edit the information!
    If you need help add me on Discord: Havens#4163.

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  4. Free

    Rust Map Loader

    Rust Map Loader
    This tool is still under active development, if there are any bugs please feel free to contact me and I'll sort them out ASAP
    Rust Map Loader is a simple tool that is meant to help automate the map testing process for mappers. It consists of 3 main things, the archiver1, the remover2 and the loader3. In it's current state, all map files inside the game and server directory will be deleted so please back them up beforehand. This tool will archive whatever map is being replaced at the time of operation, read below for process details.
    The archiver copies the map file from the server's map directory and renames it to the current 24h time. It then stores this file under \Backup\Archive\ The remover clears the server and client folder of all maps to ensure there is no world file mismatch. The loader copies the new map file to the server and client's map directory. Setting up and using Rust Map Loader is easy, all you need to do is edit uploader.bat and change: <Server Map Directory> and <Client Map Directory> respectively.
    Here's a quick example:
    set server=<Server Map Directory> set client=<Client Map Directory> Gets re written as:
    set server=C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\rsmfull\server\rsm set client=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\maps Please use this tool at your own discretion, and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO KEEP MANUAL BACKUPS.
    If you have any questions, comments, queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me through codefling or discord "General Tao#5086"

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  5. $5.00

    Discord Pop Bot+

    This is a script capable of controlling multiple bots from one program and with a single config file without ever connecting to your server over RCON.
    You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup.
    Feature List
    Run multiple bots from the one script Change your config using the included "Config Editor & Generator" - no JSON knowledge needed! Lowest possible performance impact - there are no new RCON connections ever made to your server. Show players, max players, queued players, AND joining players! Threshold message - when your pop falls below XX%, show a different message such as your wipe schedule. Special variables that are replaced in your strings, allowing you to have any variable in any part of your pop bot's message. Global pop bots - add up the total players across your servers and show it on a dedicated bot! Detailed logging - always know what went on whilst you were gone.  
    How does it work?
    This script works by querying the BattleMetrics API - even if you don't have a purchased RCON subscription! If you do, you'll be able to display the amount of players joining.
    Install (Windows)
    Your server will need to have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed, simply click the link to download the 64 bit variant.
    Method 1 - Installer, Windows Dedicated Server
    Download the Multi Pop Bot Installer ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file anywhere on your system Run the included .MSI, which is a Windows Installer File. You'll be able to choose where to install the script when you run this. Method 2 - No Installer, Windows Dedicated Server
    Download the Multi Pop Bot Raw Files ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file anywhere on your system Run the file run.bat Method 3 - No Installer, Alternative System
    Install Python 3.8, using the Recommended Installation and ticking Add Python to PATH. Download the Multi Pop Bot Raw Files ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file anywhere on your system Install necessary modules with pip install -U discord.py aiohttp websockets in console (cmd) Run python run_windows.py in console (cmd) Install (Linux)
    You will always require the raw files for Linux installs.
    Since Linux is a very broad term for OSes, it is possible that there is not yet any compiled code ready for your architecture. If the following instructions do not work for your architecture, please get in touch so I can compile them for your system & add them to the download.
    Method 1 - Generic Linux System
    Install Python3.8 on your system (you will have to search how to do this, as it is different for Ubuntu, Debian, Installs, Gentoo, etc) Install necessary packages using one of the following commands.  If you are unsure which is the right command, you may have to try all of them or do a little read up on your installation. pip install -U discord.py aiohttp websockets pip3 install -U discord.py aiohttp websockets python3 -m pip install -U discord.py aiohttp websockets python3.8 -m pip install -U discord.py aiohttp websockets Run one of the following commands, depending on your system python run_linux.py python3 run_linux.py python3.8 run_linux.py Now that you have figured out which command runs the code, make yourself a new file called run.sh Using your favourite text editor (nano of course), you want to edit this file and setup an infinite loop to run the command you previously used to run the script. How to setup an infinite loop in a .sh file Run your .sh file Method 2 - Hosting Platforms
    All hosting platforms do things differently. You will need to use run_linux.py and make sure that it automatically restarts the script when it closes! This is needed because Discord occasionally kills the connection between themselves and your server, which causes the bot to no longer function. When this happens, the script will detect it and close itself automatically, allowing whatever is handling the execution of the code to start the script again.
    If you are asked which packages are required you need discord.py, aiohttp, websockets
    For Pterodactyl users, you will need to use a Discord bot egg which you can find with a quick search. The startup command will typically be python run_linux.py.
    For Pebble users, you can simply use run_linux.py with Python3.8 and the appropriate packages.
    The Config
    Once you've installed the code, you should now be able to see in your selected directory that there is a "Config Editor & Generator" file. Run this and it will walk you through editing the configuration file. I strongly recommend you select "Create a New Config" when installing for the first time, so that you can select whether or not you want logging enabled, and add your own bots from scratch.
    When you are specifying the messages that will be displayed, you will be told that {{players}}, {{maxplayers}}, {{queue}}, {{joining}} will all be replaced on the bot. What this means is that if you want your bot's message to look like >150/150 (71 Queued)< you would need to enter >{{players}}/{{maxplayers}} ({{queue}} Queued)<. You can use this feature to customise your pop bots however you like.
    If you feel you are a bit more tech savvy than others, there is a folder examples that contains sample configs for you to read over, one even including a full description of each JSON key + value.
    Update Intervals
    During the creation of your pop bots, you may be asked what "Update Interval" you would like. If you are running more than 4 bots, it is recommended you increase your update interval appropriately so that you do not spam Discord's API - a quick way to get your server banned that a lot of Discord-related Rust scripts do not account for. Additionally, Discord will attempt to kill the connection a few times before banning you, which could result in crashes! Not to worry though, this script has been built to be as reliable as possible and will automatically restart itself if you follow the steps under "Running the Script".
    The threshold feature will wait for your pop to fall under a set percentage (referred to as threshold in the config), and display an alternative message so that you do not have to display potentially embarassingly low pop to your Discord members. If this is something you are not worried by, simply set the threshold to 0 and it will never trigger. It is important to remember that the threshold is a percentage not a set value! A threshold of 10 and a max player count of 100 will only show the threshold when there are less than 10 players online.
    The message shown can be changed by altering threshold_msg in the config, or you will be asked to enter the text you wish to display when using the config editor.
    Joining Players
    If you would like to show the amount of players joining, it is absolutely necessary that you have a BattleMetrics RCON subscription purchased. You will be asked by the config generator if you would to create a Pop Bot with BM Token or Pop Bot without a BM Token - if you wish to display the players currently joining your server, choose the former. If you do not wish to show this or do not have a BM subscription, use the latter.
    Obtaining a Discord Bot Token
    First, head over to https://discord.com/developers/applications and create yourself an application. It'll most likely need your server logo, the name of the server, and any other information you wish for people to see appear.
    Once that's done, select the "Bots" tab and press create a bot. You'll be presented with "Click to reveal a token" and a button that reads "Copy". You can just press Copy and it's on your clipboard ready to insert into your config file.
    Obtaining a BattleMetrics API Token
    If you have purchased a BM RCON subscription, this is for you.
    Head over to https://www.battlemetrics.com/developers. You want to select "New Token".
    Fill in the identifier with something such as "Pop Bots" and ensure it has the "Execute any RCON command" permission. The rest aren't used at all, so whether or not you grant them or not are completely your choice.
    You'll have only one chance to copy this token somewhere safe (such as the config.json file), so make sure you do. Luckily for you, this one token will work with all of your pop bots, so don't worry about generating a new one for each bot (unless you really want to keep things nice and tidy).
    Running the Script
    At last, your configuration file is complete! You have probably noticed that there are 2 .bat files included. If you have NSSM installed you can use nssm.bat and run the pop bots as a service, then simply forget about them.
    If not, you can just double click run.bat and the bot will always restart itself no matter what issues it encounters.
    If the above does not apply to you, please see the installation section as it includes steps for running the script in more complicated environments.

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  6. $30.00

    Auto-Wipe Script

    This is a script that can be used to automatically wipe your servers on a set schedule, changing either your seeds or level URL.

    You may need Administrator privileges on the system to setup & run this script depending on your server's setup.

    Batch script which turns on/off your server and deletes your chosen data/map/bp files
          Executable which will handle changing the seed/levelurl
          seeds.txt file which stores all your seeds/levelurls which will be randomly chosen every wipe (the name can be changed later)
    Rust Server(s) setup in a standard way on a Windows dedicated server.
          Administrator privileges on said Dedicated server.
          File editing software (Notepad++ works)
          Rust server(s) running as a service (you can use NSSM to set this up)
          Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (64 Bit, 32 Bit)
    How to Setup

    Open auto-wipe.bat     
    Enter your server's service name Replace the example paths with the plugin and map file paths you want to be deleted on wipe Note: Using *.db will delete all .db   files in the folder
    Open config.json in Notepad++
    Replace the example server config path with your own server.cfg location Replace the example seed / txt file with the path of your own seeds.txt or levels.txt file (the name of the file does not matter) Note: Make sure to use double \\ just like in the example provided or it will not work! Optional: Change the value of replacement from server.seed to server.levelurl if you wish to change the server levelurl each wipe.
    Choosing your "Replacement" value
    This can be anything that you wish for the code to look for, but it is necessary that the seed or levelurl is the last thing on the line and it is separated by a space.
    For example, if you wanted to change something where the line started with
    +server.seed you can change the replacement property to match this.
    For most standard setups and usages, the default of
    server.seed will be sufficient.

    Open Task Scheduler in Windows
    Click Create Task Select "Run whether user is logged on or not" Select "Run with highest privileges" In the drop-down box select "Configure for Windows Server 2016" (may be different depending on server version) In the "Triggers" tab click "New..." and select your schedule In the "Actions" tab click "New..." and select the auto-wipe.bat file In the "Conditions" tab deselect any power options
    Populate your seeds.txt file
    If you're using levelurls, the same will apply just with different values
    Open seeds.txt (you may have called it something else) in Notepad++ Go to https://just-wiped.net/search-rust-maps and search for some seeds using your map size. Put each seed or levelurl on a new line Save the file
    Perform a Dry-Run
    Whilst your server is online with no pop, manually run the
    auto-wipe.bat to ensure that it is working as expected. If not, please go through all of the steps again and make sure you read everything! It is very common to forget double backslashes in the config file, or to have a typo in one of your file paths.
    This is a general method to setup your auto wipes, each setup will be different so you must ensure you adapt and change ALL file paths to match your setup and desires.
    I cannot aid you in making your server into a service, though it is highly recommended for all servers to do so as it will make your setup safer and more relaible. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube if you desire to do so.
    If you have time, and would like to help better this product, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/pvssvoM3KxEPAxVj9.Thank you.

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  7. Free

    Rust Chat to Discord

    Receive your Rust server's chat messages into your Discord server - no plugin installation needed!
    Tired of a Discord extension crashing your server? 😄
    All it does is listen for chat messages over RCON and then post them to a specified Webhook. With a little bit of knowledge and trial-and-error, you could even have this working as an embed or change how it looks entirely.
    Whilst this product won't rid your server(s) fully of it, it'll make sure it gets used just that little bit less, and hopefully make it cause less crashes. This is a simple, free to use, free to modify script using my own WebRcon Package licensed under BSD 3-Clause.
    Install Python3.8 Download & extract the ZIP file Using your favourite text editor open up output_chat.py and edit the following variables:
    ○ WEBHOOK_URL - This should be the webhook the code will post to
    ○ RCONHOST - The IP of your server
    ○ RCONPORT - The port that your server is listening to RCON on
    ○ RCONPASSWORD - The RCON password you specify in your .bat, .sh or .cfg file. Open some form of console and type python output_chat.py Fair Warnings
    This script has not been setup to dynamically adapt to Discord's ratelimits. If you feel like your chat goes at about 10 messages a second for more than 5 minutes at a time, do not use this. You will need basic programming know-how if you wish to edit this script effiiciently. Support is not guaranteed for this product, and is available solely at the discretion of the author. If you have multiple servers, you will have to run multiple instances of this script. If you are on Linux, you might want to learn how to use Tmux You must include the copyright notice and license (see the LICENSE file) in any and all redistributions of this code. Usage instructions do not account for the various nuances of different Operating Systems, and you must adapt the steps accordingly. See some of my other products for more detailed Python installation instructions. This has not been designed to be user friendly. It has been created and made available for those who feel like a small challenge.

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