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ScubaArena 1.0.5

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About ScubaArena



Scuba arena is a free for all underwater slaughter-fest.

It allows up to 14 players to participate in underwater combat, adding a multi-directional element to your players strategy, while providing endless fun.


The plugin handles the running of the game, and allows players to join from anywhere, stripping their equipment while the game is played and giving it back to them when they are finished.


Setup is a breeze; simply drop the prefab in your map (underground, submerged in water), load the plugin and it will do the rest.

Games are configured to start every hour by default.


You can follow the installation guide here if you want more of an indepth look at it.



Admin commands:
- /startsa <optional: seconds> - manually starts the game. Will default the start delay to the configured time if no seconds parameter is provided.
- /endsa - ends the current game, returning players to their original locations.
- /addreward <shortname> <quantity> <skin> - adds the specified item to the rewards list. You can find item shortnames here: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/
This can also be done via the config file.

User commands:
- /sa - joins an active game (if it hasn't started yet).
- /leavesa - leaves the current game and returns the player to their original location.
- /claimreward - claims a reward for winning ScrubaArena. Will not provide a reward if they have not won any games.






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