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Enchanting 1.0.6

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About Enchanting





Enchanting adds the ability for different types of weapons to be enchanted with over 29 specialized, unique abilities from freezing your target in place, to increasing the speed of your horse. Each enchantment is configurable and can be added to any weapon type, or even multiple times under the same weapon type with different durations/effect modifiers.

Enchanting an item requires a cost of runes, which are found from different sources. See the "Runes" section below for more information on how players obtain runes.

The plugin comes with a number of pre-made enchanted weapons, but you can add, remove or edit your own via the config file, allowing you to tailor this plugin for your on worlds.




Runes are required to enchant a weapon. The enchantment costs can be seen under each weapon, and must be in the players inventory when they attempt to enchant their weapon.

Runes drop from multiple sources, but each rune type has a uniquely flavoured drop source by default:

  • Ice Runes: Obtained while mining, woodcutting or picking floora (hemp, mushrooms, pumpkins etc) in the acrtic biome.
  • Life Runes: Obtained from collecting floora in any biome.
  • Death Runes: Obtained while harvesting the flesh of NPCs and animals.
  • Fire Runes: Obtained while mining, woodcutting or picking floora in the arid biome (desert).
  • Dark Runes: Obtained while mining, woodcutting or picking plants during the night (after 6pm, before 6am).
  • Light Runes: Obtained while mining, woodcutting or picking plants during the day (between 6am and 6pm).
  • Water Runes: Obtained while gutting fish or harvesting flesh from sharks.

Runes can be adjusted, renamed and changed in the config file, and additional rune types can also be added, all of which can be assigned to any of the 15 drop sources.



There are 29 enchantments available as of version 1.0.0. These enchantements can be placed onto most held items, and can be activated as long as the player is not on cooldown.

The cooldown works as a global cooldown, meaning that if a player uses any enchantment, they cannot use another enchantment until their cooldown finishes.

Each weapon can have a unique cooldown period, allowing for more powerful enchantments to cause a longer cooldown, while having a shorter cooldown for less powerful ones.

To enchant an item, simply place it into a repairbench, which will trigger the "Enchanting" button to appear. Clicking this button will display all available enchantments for that particular item. Click the desired enchantment, click enchant and you are done!

All abilities require activation by pressing MOUSE3 (default) while the weapoin is active. Stowing or swapping the weapon so something else cancels the ability.


Command: inspect
Action: Shows the enchantment info for the active weapon.
Permission: none

Command: giverunes
Parameters: <Optional: quantity>
Action: Gives the user x amount of each rune.
Permission: enchanting.admin

Command: giverandomweapon
Action: Gives the user a random enchanted weapon.
Permission: enchanting.admin

Command (CONSOLE): generaterandomweapon
Parameters: <target name/ID>
Action: Gives the user a random enchanted weapon.
Permission: enchanting.admin



enchanting.admin - required for admin commands.
enchanting.free - enchanting requires no runes.
enchanting.create - required to see the enchanting menu appear in the repairbench menu.
enchanting.nocooldown - no cooldown is applicable after activating an ability.



  • [1] Freeze: Freezes the target in place when hit for x seconds.
  • [2] Slow: Prevents the target from running when hit for x seconds.
  • [3] Inferno: Sets the target on fire when hit for x seconds.
  • [4] Bleeding: Applies x bleeding stacks when hit for the duration.
  • [5] Radiation: Applies x radiation stacks when hit for the duration.
  • [6] Poison: Poisons the target, dealing x damage every y seconds for z cycles. They also vomit.
  • [7] Indestructable: Prevents condition loss on the weapon for the duration.
  • [8] Lifesteal: Returns x% of the damage dealt to a target, back to the attacker.
  • [9] PVPDamage: Increases the damage versus players by x% for the duration.
  • [10] PVEDamage: Increases the damage versus animals and scientists by x% for the duration.
  • [11] Blind: Blinds the player for x seconds when hit.
  • [12] Splinter: Damages all players within x meters of the target for y% of the damage dealt to the target.
  • [13] Explosive: Spawns and detinates an explosive at the landing point of a projectile weapon for the duration.
  • [14] Healing: Prevents the damage that would be done to the target by the attacker, instead healing them for x% of the damage that would have been done.
  • [15] Sleep: Forces the target into the sleep state for x seconds when hit.
  • [16] Fumble: The target's active item is moved into their inventory when hit. It is dropped to the ground instead of there is no room in the inventory.
  • [17] Curse: When the target is hit, their screen quickly flashes purple and black and they take 0.6 damage every 0.2 seconds for the duration.
  • [18] GatherYield: Gather yield is increased by x% for the duration when using this enchanted tool to harvest.
  • [19] AnimalSpawn: Spawns an animal at the hit market (default wolf) for the duration.
  • [20] ReduceDamage: While active, this ability will reduce incoming damage by x% for the duration.
  • [21] HealSelf: Instantly heals the player for x health.
  • [22] HealOthers: Instantly heals other players for x health that are within y meters.
  • [23] BradleyCloak: Makes the player invisible to bradley tank for the duration.
  • [24] FeatherFall: Prevents fall damage while active.
  • [25] RadiationResist: Removes all radiation stacks once per second for the duration.
  • [26] Spectre: Makes the player invisible to turrets and base defences for the duration.
  • [27] HorseCrop: Increases the horses stats by x for the duration. Will affect any horse that the player climbs onto while active. Horses the player dismounts from will no longer be affected.
  • [28] ScientistCloak: Makes the player invisible to scientists for the duration.
  • [29] ElementalDamageResist: Makes the player immune to fire and cold damage for the duration.
  • [30] DamageIncrease: Increases the damage of the weapon to everything by x% for the duration.



void GenerateRandomWeapon(BasePlayer player) //gives the player a random weapon.


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