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BanSystemUltra 1.0.3

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About BanSystemUltra

Ultra ban system plugin info

This plugin allows you to ban players temporary or permanently by IP and steamid!
If the player got banned from you server his ip will get automnaticly banned!
Also if the player join in the server with banned IP he will get banned automaticly, this plugin ban multiple IPs matches
If in the BanSystemUltraData contains 2, 3, or more sames IPs as banned its also gonna set to banned! This is for multiple accounts, 

Example: Player 76561198200022991 get banned in the server with IP his ip gonna be banned and the plugin will search same ip adress in the data if some one have same ip he will get banned aswell.

Commands Section

banplayer steamid time(Format: 1d, 1h, 1m, 1d1h1m) reason -> Ban player temporary
banplayer steamid reason -> Ban player permanently

Example 1: banplayer 76561198200022991 30d24h60m "Bug abusing"
Example 2: banplayer 76561198200022991 "Cheating"

Default Configuration section

  "Send Mesages to DiscordWeebhook? Requieres DiscordApi plugin!": true,
  "Configuration for Discord Weebhook Url!": "",
  "Ban the player during the connection if his banned IP is detected in the data? (It will search all the data if there is any banned IP like the player's)": true,
  "Use messages in Embed? (false = normal / true = Embed)": true


Plugin: DiscordApi also incluided in the ZIP file - if you dont have that file the messages will not sent to DiscordWeebhooks

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