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Predator Missile 1.1.2

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About Predator Missile

Allows players to call in a predator missile


  "Chat Icon Id": 0,
  "Permissions & values": {
    "predatormissile.use": {
      "Seconds required to call in a missile strike": 8,
      "Rocket explosion radius": 10,
      "Rocket height": 75,
      "Rocket lifespan (seconds)": 15
    "predatormissile.vip": {
      "Seconds required to call in a missile strike": 6,
      "Rocket explosion radius": 15,
      "Rocket height": 100,
      "Rocket lifespan (seconds)": 20
    "predatormissile.vip2": {
      "Seconds required to call in a missile strike": 4,
      "Rocket explosion radius": 20,
      "Rocket height": 125,
      "Rocket lifespan (seconds)": 25
  "Loot container prefabs & chance to spawn a predator missile": {
    "crate_normal": 20.0,
    "crate_normal_2": 10.0,
    "crate_elite": 50.0,
    "crate_basic": 1.0
  "Announce predator missile on chat": false,
  "Global cooldown after predator missile usage (minutes) (Set 0 to disable)": 1.0,
  "Enable global sound broadcast (Sound Library API)": false,
  "Global sound broadcast file name (Sound Library API)": "SoundLibraryApiFileName",
  "Blocks": {
    "Safe Zone Block": true,
    "Mounted Block (Chair/Vehicles)": true,
    "Swimming Block": true,
    "Flying Block": true,
    "Cargo Ship Block": true,
    "Hot Air Balloon Block": true,
    "Lift Block": true,
    "Scrap Transport Helicopter Block": true,
    "No Building Privilege Block": true,
    "Raid Block": true,
    "Combat Block": true,
    "Oilrigs Block": true


  "TipMessage": "Hold <color=#acfa58>E</color> while having the predator missile in hand in order to activate it!",
  "NoPermission": "No permission!",
  "SyntaxError": "Use predatormissile.give playerName/Id amount!",
  "TargetNotFound": "Target not found!",
  "BlockedUsage": "You cannot initialize the predator missile! ({0})",
  "PredatorMissileUsed": "Someone launched a missile",
  "GlobalCooldown": "Someone already used a predator missile, there is a global cooldown for {0}!",
  "Blocked.Mounted": "Mounted",
  "Blocked.InSafeZone": "In Safe Zone",
  "Blocked.RaidBlocked": "Raid Blocked",
  "Blocked.CombatBlocked": "Combat Blocked",
  "Blocked.BuildingBlocked": "Building Blocked",
  "Blocked.Swimming": "Swimming",
  "Blocked.Flying": "Flying",
  "Blocked.OnCargoShip": "On Cargo Ship",
  "Blocked.OnHotAirBalloon": "On Hot Air Balloon",
  "Blocked.InLift": "In Lift",
  "Blocked.InScrapTransportHeli": "In Scrap Transport Heli",
  "Blocked.OnOilrig": "On Oilrig"


predatormissile.use (Always grant this permission for usage, grant additional permissions for different values)
predatormissile.admin (In order to use predatormissile.give command if used ingame)


predatormissile.give playerName/Id amount (Console Command) - Gives players predator missiles


Get the predator missile in hand (active item in hotbar) and hold E

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