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Railway Turntable & Maintenance Shed 1.0.0

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About Railway Turntable & Maintenance Shed


Railway Turntable & Maintenance Shed is a monument that can be used with or without a railway system connected and contains a work cart spawn inside if needed. You will find work carts and waggons in various stages of repair inside the maintenance shed and lots of looting opportunities including a blue card puzzle to access the storage room.


What's Included

  • Built-In Cliff Turntable & Maintenance Shed (Bare Bones)
  • Built-In Temperate Decor Pack (Socket Snap)
  • Built-In Arid Decor Pack (Socket Snap)
  • Standalone Turntable & Maintenance Shed (Bare Bones)
  • Standalone Temperate Decor Pack (Socket Snap)
  • Standalone Arid Decor Pack (Socket Snap)

Adding To Map

  1. Installing Built-In Cliff Version
  2. Installing Standalone Version
  3. Adding NPC’s


Contact And Help

If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553
For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord


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