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About Compact Launch Site (HDRP✔)

Rebuilt launch site piece by piece to be every bit as good as the original but 30% smaller and utilise the space better featuring two Bradley's roaming around the grounds.

The compact launch site comes default with 2 Bradley's and little radiation and a few AI guards. 
This is done to allow you more customisation yourself for example:
(Recommended) Add radiation using zone manager mod imitate the normal launch site monument.
Add your own AI with bot spawn mod in and around the buildings with zero radiation.
There are many possibles for you to protect the loot with.

Quick Start

  1. Extract the zip file into your RustEdit install folder.
  2. Start Rust Edit.
  3. Click on Prefabs at the top & open up your Prefab List.
  4. Under the Custom category you will now find RobJs Premium Prefabs.
  5. Double click on the prefab file and it will spawn it into the map for you.
  6. Drag it to the general area you want to place it and click on Snap To Terrain
  7. Apply the Height Mask, Topology Mask, and Splat Mask.

Install Video Guide

Contact And Help

If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553
For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord

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