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About Pandora

I present to you an unusually beautiful fantasy-style map. This map is suitable for those who like to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle. But it will also be pleasantly received by PVE and PVP players. On this map you will find unusual monuments with flying islands, on some of them you can build your base.

Size: 4000к

Prefab Count: ~40к

Custom monuments:
 ☣Azure Village 
 ☣Waterfall of life 
 ☣Ghost Village
 ☣Giants Hill
 ☣Old Warehouse
 ☣Living River
 ☣Flying Ruins
 ☣Golem Alley
 ☣Dead Desert
 ☣Dragon Bridge
 ☣Gorge of Souls
 ☣Hellish Hands
 ☣Myriad Fields
 ☣Lots of places to build a base

Monuments of FP:
– Outpost
- Nuclear Missile Silo
– Bandit Camp
– Power Plant
– Water Treatment Plant
– Train Yard
– Launch Site
– Satellite Dish
– Airfield
– Harbor
– The Dome
– Oilrig
– Underground tunnels
– Lighthouse
– Quarry
– Arctic Base
– Fishing village
– Underwater Laboratory

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