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Namalsk HDRP 1.0.6


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About Namalsk HDRP

Custom map of Namalsk. The size of the map is 4000, the style of the map resembles the remnants of the post-Soviet era.

The map is made in the style of the Soviet era. The landscape is made in the world Creator program and consists of two Islands connected to each other. There is no desert on the map, but there is a sufficient number of large monuments. Map features There are also places for construction. This landscape allows you to move freely by car to any point on the map. Added custom cargo path, it sails under the bridge and you can jump on it) There are puzzles and zombies on the map

- 50k prefabs

Custom Monuments:

☣ The Plant Jupiter. (truly impressive for its vast territory, a former secret factory that, like many in the USSR, worked for the defense industry).

☣ Vorkuta city (a fairly detailed Ghost town filled with the walking dead)

☣ CBK plant (An abandoned pulp and paper mill. The town of Uglegorsk, Sakhalin island. The plant was built by the Japanese after the Russian-Japanese war).

☣ Bridge over the Bay. (The long bridge is considered a kind of monument)

☣ The mill (a Small monument with the starting loot)

☣ The village of stalkers. (Especially recognizable location, does not require a description)

☣ Shelter

☣ Hotel (each room of the hotel has its own design)

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