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The Cursed Island 1.2.3

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About The Cursed Island

The cursed island has several custom monuments that your players will have to solve to access the loot of even a secret that will have to search at the cursed temple they will be able to discover places unique all that has several places of the map.

Number of entiter: 45K ( this value is an estimate it can change following an update! )
Map size: 4056

Personalized monuments:

- abandoned town (several small houses can be visited)
- A hospital ( 2 possible access floors guarded by scientisques)
- building under construction (an event is present on the crane with the plugin "" trigger the using the button in the crane)
- Cobalt apartment ( 2 possible access floors guarded by scientisques + a safe box)
- Ski Station (small puzzle kept by scientists)
- Cable Car ( loot + zip line )
- Abandoned House 1
- Abandoned House 2
- West Station ( Train )
- Central Station (small puzzle, Train)
- Convert Fuel Power ( Convert your fuel into electrical energy 3 levels posible max 750V )
- Blind + ( 2 scientisque and a green card ready from the caise and a red one that is hidden in the office trash)
- Gas Power ( jigsaw puzzle: run the central to unlock the loot 30min for the rest of the jigsaw.)
- OFC ( small puzzle)- Temple cursed ( Find the 4 Crane cursed to unlock the code )
- Dome Water build ( 2 underwater domes that is possible to build in and train station)
- Cursed Temple ( Find the 4 Cursed Crane to unlock the code )
- Dome Water Builld ( 2 underwater dome that is posible to build from in and station for train )
- Underground mine with resource (mine resources on the wall)
- Several Small Buil Monuments ( indicate on the map of an X  )
- Underground cannabis planting (puzzle: Ralumer the generator in the mine to unlock the door)

- Storm basin (a small sewer monument protected by scientists)


Monuments of Facepunch:
- Launch site
- Outpost
- Dump
- Treatment plant
- Giant excavator pit
- Train yard
- Aerodrome
- Military tunnel
- Power plant
- Oil rig (2)
- port
- Bandit camp
- Sewer branch
- Desert Military Base
- Lighthouse
- Fishing village
- Ranch
- The dome
- Satellite antenna
- Road monument
- Underground tunnels
- Arctic Research Base
- Underwater laboratory

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