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Explore both free and premium custom maps for various games such as Rust.

53 files

  1. $39.95

    Eden Falls - Custom Map by Niko

    Eden Falls is a 3800 size highly modified procedural map. (53K Prefabs)
    Watch the videos on my channel to get a full picture of what you get, links below

    It features a rail, road and river network covering most corners of the map
    Some standard monuments are here along with a number of new and
    unique monuments created by me.
    The additional monuments are
    SKULL MOUNTAIN SUMMIT CAMP ROAD RACE TRACK POLLUTED LAKE Place the map file in your map folder and the prefab files in your prefab folder
    Around the map there are 10 Niko Logos, just for fun you can ask your players to
    find them or offer a prize if they do.

    If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
    [email protected]
    Please note that the Bandit Town featured in the video has been removed as FP
    have since modified Bandit Town
    Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.


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  2. $24.99

    Luminous World

    February 12, 1947 ... Meteorite J20 collided with the planet Earth. People in a hurry began to take out its fragments to the landfill because the radioactive background from it was very large. Our time... The meteorite turned out to be a useful space fossil. Scientists have occupied it and something is constantly being pumped out of it. The remnants of the meteorite still emit radiation but not as much as before. What are these scientists guarding?
    Thank you, my dear friend, for reading to the end the nonsense that I wrote above and not closing the page in the middle of the text. The history of the map does not revolve only around a meteorite and there are also monuments that do not relate to this in any way but they are no less interesting. And there's also a little reference to a great movie ;). The landscape was created in World Creator. I wanted to do something unusual and interesting but at the same time leave everything familiar to the players. I've worked on something that won't inconvenience the players. Most of the terrain is normal terrain familiar to players. There is no perversion in it and everything is normal. Below I have specified custom and standard monuments. Thank you for your attention and good luck!
    Custom monuments:
    Custom Harbor (Verf) Radioactive dump (with NPCs) Dam Factory-2 Large factory (with NPCs) Underground cannabis plantations (with caves under construction) Pit Stop Meteorite J20 Lost airfield (Standard airfield under the sand + a little customization) Lagoon in the desert "Cobalt" U.S.S
    Monuments from Facepunch:
    Train Yard Outpost Sewer Branch Power Plant Bandit camp Sphere Excavator Satellite Dish Quarrys Lighthouses Swamp Oil Rig Large Oil Rig P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.

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  3. $19.95

    Pokeyisland by Deeplyfri3d

    This map offers you multi-height terrain and incredible views. It fits perfect for the current vehicles in the game
    not only because of the nice road work but ALSO with an amazing nascar arena Monument
    The map features a few Custom Monument and prefabs like:
    Nascar Arena Monument Featuring blue and red puzzles, Working Elevators and a sneaky trap
    Glas Maze Monument Featuring Loot, scientists and confusion while running around in there
    Glas Bridges connecting the steep mountains and cliffs
    If you find any bugs or glitched you can reach out to me on my discord server (http://d.foxygaming.nu)
    or send a pm here on codefling and I'll get back to you as soon as I can
    Map size: 4000
    Prefab count: ~82 000

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  4. Free


    Visit this scenic Chinese island. This map includes a five story pagoda and the Wangen laboratory where everything went wrong

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  5. Free


    Anasazi is a 3k map set in the American southwest featuring the Ruins of cliff dwellers.
    see the included readme file for a very simple server setup

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  6. Free

    Saxons Island

    Saxons was a bustling island that had all of the marks to become a metropolis, until a horrible derailment sent the local township into financial ruins.  Navigate yourself through to all of the hotspots the island has to offer you, from a secluded Airport to a local gambling hall and over the hill to what FEMA calls a local relocation effort.
    If you like this map and want to stay up to speed on comes out new or old, please Follow and Like
    Join my discord https://discord.gg/Y8p9pzQ and be apart of a friendly growing community 

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  7. $35.90

    Isle of Mountains

    The Isle of Mountains is a new map, it is very big and there is a lot to explore, a lot of custom monuments, you and your players will have a lot of fun 😉 The map will be updated and adapted in irregular intervals, I also pay attention to your feedbacks.

    Available for € on : https://rust-custom-designs.biz
    Discord : https://discord.gg/Wx2tUFg
    telegram : https://t.me/rustcustumdesigns

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  8. $9.99 $4.99

    Oreos Oasis

    Oasis is an island with unique monuments such as a hidden treasure ship, Quarry and grotto.  If you stumble upon a hidden cave take heed to the entrance warning, if you do not; your head will too act as a marker upon a spike to everyone else after you.  Find the grotto and find peace with yourself, venture deeper and find a special Easter egg.  The final twist in this map lies not much further from the grotto, the Quarry which lays untouched for a very long time tells a story of what possibilities Oasis berried. 
    Oasis was built with balance in mind,  not prefab heavy which allows for a sustained FPS for your server, large enough for most servers and suitable for Every server.
    Like this map please leave a comment and follow to stay up to date with all of my content.  
    Join Oreos Discord and be apart of a growing community

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  9. $24.99


    Under the map there are 5 stations that are connected by 1 branch of tunnels. the tunnels contain rocks, non-loot piles of garbage, and bots.
    In the creation of the map, my good friend Gruber provided me with his RT. I suggest you also look at his product.

    A little about the map:
    Size: 4к Prefab Count: ~38к Custom monuments:
    Сoncrete plant Borgund Pack of Roadside Monuments + Gas Station + Warehouse “Cobalt” U.S.S Subway Station Polis + 2 more underground stations Monuments from Facepunch:
    Train Yard Outpost Sewer Branch Power Plant Bandit camp Sphere Excavator Satellite Dish Quarrys Lighthouses Oil Rig Large Oil Rig Harbor 1 Harbor 2 P.S. If you want to change the map for yourself / your needs, please contact the author.

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  10. $6.95

    Tasmania 2.5k Custom Map

    Tasmania is a small 2500 custom map with some standard and some custom monuments for a small price!
    For more stuff check this out.:

    Trainyard Water Treatment Plant Bandit Town some Caves Sphere Tank Supermarket Small Settlement and any more

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  11. $9.99

    Oreos Detached

    Ever have one of those days that you just cannot get rid of that 'Splitting' headache? Well now you can play on one!  A beautiful 5k map with custom unique monuments like Rusted Airport located far from civilization, or a run down neighborhood where you are likely to stumble upon a Casino Royale; where one can gamble. Detached is a map perfect for building large and in charge compounds, or run a map with Radiable Bases and not worry if your base will spawn half-way into the ground.  Get your copy today!
    If you like this map or any of my other maps be sure to follow and drop a review, so you will always be up to date with new material 🙂

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  12. $29.95

    Los Rustos Tropical Map Pack by Niko

    The Los Rustos Map Pack is 4 maps, one 2k and one 1k in size both with and without fauna. The islands have been inspired by Tropico, you will find plantations, deep mines, the presidential palace, El Presidente Ship some standard monuments along with enhanced loot and vending machines. There is even the Los Rustos Sign (Hollywood Sign) and the main attraction Los Rustos City, a heavily populated central town with rows of streets and buildings ideal for urban warfare
    The maps are very heavy on prefab count the 2k is 118k prefabs while the 1k is 53k prefabs, this is because to get the tropical island feel the trees, plants, bushes etc have all been placed by hand and not procedurally generated. This is what gives these maps there unique feel. If you are concerned about performance then the non fauna versions are available but this does detract from the over all feel of the maps.
    Please Read Carefully before purchase to see if this map is suitable for your server.
    I did run a Sniper Server using this map for an event, the video advertising it is below that was held on Thanksgiving, just ignore the dates
    You Tube Video

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  13. $10.00


    This map has everything you can ever need with one custom mounment i map just for you guys  your players will love it its good for pvp and pve 
    here is a clip so you can see https://streamable.com/ac7how you can edit it any way you like this is a 4500k map

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  14. Free

    The Spiteful Hand

    A 5,000k map that boasts large monuments on the tip of each finger, with an array of bridges to connect you.  With one major river, there are numerous bodies of water that are drinkable and huge areas that allow building.  This map is perfect for server with large populations and even dare a type of "King of the Hill" to control each finger. 
    If you like the map, don't forget to leave a review and follow :)  I have a lot of maps coming soon
    Join my discord https://discord.gg/Y8p9pzQ and be apart of a friendly growing community 

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  15. Free

    Banana Dream?

    This is a weird 2.5k map, for weird people. I've remade MC Escher's 'Relativity' and crafted a dream-like landscape. Enjoy!

    This map does not require rustedit.dll or any plugin but you must use the following server configuration
    spawn.tick_individuals 2500

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  16. Free


    Naxos is another 3k map featuring a few Rusty Ancient Greek inspired monuments and the usual monuments set on a rocky Greek island.

    The small parkour puzzle monument was made by NightShade
    This map does not require rustedit.dll but you must use the following server configuration:

    spawn.tick_individuals 2500

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  17. Free


    This is a 3k desert map featuring Dust 2, Rust from COD, fun neon signs, and custom biodomes.
    Credits to Lone for some work on Rust from COD.
    This map does not require the Rustedit.dll plugin but it does require the following server configuration:
    spawn.tick_individuals 2500

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  18. Free

    Sicko Onegrid

    This very small worldcraft map is set on a strange alien world, like nothing else you've seen in Rust. Battle to live in the pineapple.
    Credits to General Tao for the Cone Dome, Kilgoar for the biome dressings & Pineapple, and to STAR for the heightmap and all other monuments.
    Rustedit.dll is not required for this map but make sure to follow the directions in the README for proper server configuration!

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  19. Free

    Wangen Onegrid

    This very small worldcraft map set in China features a traditional Chinese gate and five story pagoda, as well as the Wangen Research Lab where everything went wrong.
    Credits to STAR for the heightmap & ancient doodads as well as great thanks to Ivanovitch for the gate. Special thanks to 1928TommyGun & Cherios
    This map does NOT require the Rustedit.dll extension but it DOES require the server configurations contained within the README file. Use them!

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  20. $14.99

    Oreos Little Princess

    A beautiful map with long windy roads with a serene backdrop, custom monuments and a custom cave that has hidden dangers.  With plenty of room to build and luscious landscapes that is peaceful and relaxing all the way to unforgiving Snow storms that force even the grittiest and saltiest of players to flinch.  This map has everything you could want and runs smooth on servers to allow for seamless gameplay.  Get your copy today!!!

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  21. $49.95

    BioSphere World - Custom Map by Niko

    Originally conceived as a way to bring rust back to its survival roots it has now been modified
    to include some standard monuments, the story elements curtailed, the radiation and extra mechanics removed
    and the world opened up for general play.
    You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities
    MEGACITY ONE, main living dome
    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, domed city two
    MUSHROOM CITY, multiple smaller linked domes for growing stuff
    UNDERWATER RESEARCH DOME, (RUINED), find it if you can
    RADIO TOWER MOUNTAIN, hard to climb
    PYRAMID, did the Egyptians contact aliens
    LOS RUSTOS BEACH RESORT, chill out on the beach, if you kill all the scientists
    OIL FIELDS, there be money in them wells
    UNDERGROUND BANDIT CAMP, all the vending machines in one place
    THE DAM, holds back a lake, maybe some loot in its depths
    RUINED VILLAGE, Colditz and Asylum combined and bombed out
    BEACHED CARGO, cargo means loot
    Along with a number of smaller additions
    If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
    Discord (Best) please join the discord for news, updates, bug reports etc
    A special thanks goes out to the following creators for their help, additions, ideas and support. All have given permission to use there creations and ideas within this map, so thanks to
    38-RA, ABRACADAVER, ARKNERD, CASHR, JIM, MR WIZARD, MISTICOS - Please go seek them out and show some love.
    Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.
    Thanks for downloading this Rust Custom Map, 4K in size, Highly Modified Procedurally Generated. (107K Objects)

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  22. $34.95

    Great Lake - Custom Map by Niko

    You will find the Great Lake the central feature of this 4k map with a dual Oil Rig in the centre, a Sailing Ship
    and a 3 tiered Dam System. Loot and adventure is found above and below the waves. On the west of the map are the 
    traditional monuments while the east is home to some unique custom creations.
    You will find many new custom monuments based upon the premise that Rustkind has survived in these domed cities
    THE MATRIX, a 3D elevator maze
    CATHEDRAL, Home to a religious artefact
    HMS RACE HORSE, Sailing ship owned by Bandit Guards
    CABLE CAR, Its broken like a lot in rust but climb the towers or walk the cables for loot
    THE BAYOU, still haunted now Halloween is over
    STONEHENGE, Did the druids build a secret entrance to another world
    THE LARGE COBALT COLLIDER, A particle accelerator with a giant ring underground, just like the real thing
    ARECIBIO OBSERVATORY, Radio telescope under repair by the Bandit Guards repair company, dont just stay in the dish
    FRENCH QUARTER, a section of New Orleans, plenty to explore and 3 hidden buttons for Mardi Gras
    3 TIER DAM, don't for get there are adventures under the waves
    Plus some old favourite's from previous maps
    Along with a number of smaller additions

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  23. $30.00

    War for power

    A beautiful custom map, your players will love it. There are 2 versions of the map in the archive, procedural and sterile for weak PCs.

    Lots of custom RT and Mini RT.
    They are located all over the map, along the roads, in the sea, everywhere.
    Many non-standard places for construction.
    Underwater caves, flying islands, etc.
    There is also a
    Colosseum, a farm island
    Map size: 3500

    For stable operation of the map, you need to install the DLL on the server.

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  24. $4.99

    Oreos Skull Island

    A 5000 size map built on the face of a skull.  Oreos Skull Island offers long windy roads and custom monuments like Buildable Gas Station and Sphere Factory.  There are synical twists on the map that offer and added touch of suspense with Bradley taking on a new role of patrolling Air Field.

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  25. $19.99


    Necrosiis is my very first map, I spent a lot of time to have a precise, balanced, beautiful map, whether on Rust IO or in player view.
    A balance between classic and custom monuments, build places that change from procedural maps, and at the same time a light map that can be used by all.
    Come and discover the island of a god worshipped by its cannibal inhabitants who became zombies after their death.

    ● Infected Dock 
      - Blue and red puzzle with 1 fuse and a bonus loot green card room.
      - Scientist on the dock
      - Scarecrew in the futuristic inside rooms.  
    ● Bandit Cave 
      - In the middle of a canyon
      - Green puzzle no fuse
    ● Underground Way 
      - Red puzzle
      - Enter from tunnel
      - Exit from cave
    ● Little Blue Road
      - A small monuments with green and blue puzzle
      - 2 scientists
      - Underground room
    ● Cannibal Village
      - Few loot in cabins
      - Lots of scarecrew
      - Underground sacrifice room
    ● Canyon control room
      - Small blue puzzle
    - Canyons
    - Ice Rings
    - Middle Lake Oil Rig
    - Skull fall
    - Lots of islands
    - Launch Site
    - Power Plant
    - Water Treatment
    - The Dome
    - Oil Rigs
    - Airfield
    - Train Yard
    - Sewer Branch
    - Bandit Camp
    - Outpost
    - 1 Stable
    - 3 Boats Shop Monuments

    Map size : 3500

    If you have any question you can contact me as follows

       (1 review)
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