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About Seongapdo Island 4K

Seongapdo Island is a real-life island located off the coast of South Korea.
Known for its stunning natural scenery and historical landmarks the island was also used as a filming location for the hit Netflix series "Squid Game". 
The map terrain features rugged mountains, deep forests, and rocky cliffs that overlook the sea. 
I've managed to capture the natural beauty and ruggedness of the real-life island, with its mountainous terrain and scenic lake. 
Including procedural monuments and custom prefabs adds an interesting twist to the gameplay, allowing players to explore the island and engage in various activities. 
The large tunnel through the mountains adds an element of adventure and exploration to the map, and the custom safezone on the lake provides a peaceful retreat for players. 
Map been optimized to run on low entity count and ensure players satisfaction.
Password in the ReadMe file.
~Procedural Monuments :
- Launch Site
- Excavator
- Military Tunnels
- Airfield
- Power Plant
- Water Treatment Plant
- Trainyard
- Sewerbranch
- Bandit Camp
- Compound 
- Junkyard
- Sphere Tank
- Satellite Dish
- Desert Military Base
- Roadside monuments including  Supermarkets - Mining Outposts
- Fishing Villages
- Lighthouses
- Stables
- Supermarkets & Mining Outposts and Gas Stations
- Large and Small Oil Rigs
- Several underwater Labs

~ Entity Count : 10940
~ Map Size : 4000

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