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About Bermuda's Rectangle

Bermuda's Rectangle 4K is a rust custom map with 4 different islands where each island has a different biome and landscape than the others.
A balanced monument placement with unique sightings from each island.
The map contains all procedural monuments except Junkyard 
It is called Bermuda's Rectangle and not Triangle because we have 4 islands and not 3 

Map has 2 versions , Normal version without railways and the other version with Railways connecting all 4 islands and couple stations!

A strange force is pulling ships towards the bottom of the ocean , dwell down to the bottom and explore the riches of the ocean.
Password comes with the map inside the "Read me" file.

Zip file contains a normal version which has no railways and the railways version.

The map features custom and procedural monuments 
~Procedural Monuments :
- Water Treatment Plant
- Train Yard
- Airfield 
- Power Plant 
- Launch Site 
- Satellite Dish
- Giant Excavator
- Bandit Camp
- Outpost
- Sewer Branch
- The Dome
- HQM & Sulfur & Stone Quarries
- 3 Gas Stations
- 3 Mining Outpost
- 2 Abandoned Supermarket
- Large & Small Oil Rigs
- 6 Underwater Labs

~Custom Monuments :
- 2 Custom Shipwrecks by Niko & Lambo

~ Entity Count : 14541 Simple Version

~ Entity Count : 21517 Railways Version
~ Map Size : 4000
Password Comes with the map.

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