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About Kong: Skull Island

A stunning island full of dangers and fantastic places. The map was created based on the movie Kong: Skull Island.
Immerse yourself in the world of Skull Island and feel like a hero of a movie of an entire era about an amazing big, kind and strong monkey named Kong.

  • Map size 4096.

The terrain of the map was repeated along the coastline from the movie poster. Created with World Creator.

And also the map is ideal for pvp and pve servers.

Have questions? See the FAQ (Read me) file.
Need help? Connect to our discord: click me

This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


  • About 67409 prefabs
  • Map size 4096
  • Optimal FPS
  • 9 custom locations with loot
  • Over 21 custom locations for building
  • Over 5 new unique building locations
  • Сustom locations where you can build are marked with “X”
  • All custom locations have names on the map
  • Compatible with Raidable Bases plugin
  • Custom configuration of BetterNpc for the map is set up

Custom monuments:

  • Lake Hank Marlowe (large location)
  • Shrine of reflection (large location)
  • Big Camp (large location)
  • Tribal Village (medium location)
  • King Kong Tomb (medium location)
  • Fantasy Forest (medium location - loot + build)
  • King Kong Swamp (medium location - loot + build)
  • Volcano (medium location)
  • Custom Mining outpost (small location + build)
  • And many others that don't have a name
  • 5 unique types of places to build
  • Over 21 custom locations for building


  • Arctic Research Base
  • Abandoned Military Base
  • Harbor
  • Giant Excavator
  • Lighthouse
  • Large Fishing Village
  • Fishing Village
  • Small Fishing Village
  • OilRig Small
  • OilRig Large
  • Train Tunnel
  • Underwater Labs
  • Launch Site
  • Ranch
  • Outpost
  • Military tunnel
  • Power Plant
  • Bandit camp
  • Satellite Dish
  • Sphere
  • Junkyard
  • Metro
  • Mining outpost
  • Gas station
  • Supermarket

Required Dependencies: RustEdit DLL

My Discord: flouONEs#8783

Special thanks for video MYPLOKI (Discord: MYPLOKI#5580).

Check out more of my work here!

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