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About Spain Custom Map

Awsome Spain Map, with plenty of monuments and custom prefabs and monuments!

Size: 5000
Map can be edited: Yes.

1 Large Oil Rig
2 Small Oil Rigs
5 Underwater labs
2 Harbors
2 Large Fishing Villages
2 Fishing Villages
1 Launch Site
1 Satellite Dish
1 The Dome
1 HQM Quarry
1 Stone Quarry
1 Sulfur Quarry
1 Arctic Research Base
1 Sewer Branch
1 Train Yard
1 Junk Yard
1 Abandoned Military Base
1 Military Tunnel
3 Caves
2 Large Barns
1 Ranch
1 Bandit Camp
1 Power Plant
1 Swamp
1 Airfield (with Bradley tank)
1 Giant Excavator Pit
1 Outpost
1 Lighthouse
1 Missile silo


Custom prefabs and monuments:
Hotel compatible with Hotel plugin, for more info you can search for it in monuments here on this website.
Has lobby floor with 10 NPCvendingmachines, poker tables, slot machines, arcade machines, tables/chairs, phone and radio.
Has 3 floors with 8 rooms in each floor. Recycler on each floor.
Can interact with everything in the rooms.
Roof with helipad.
Also has working CCTV on each floor.
Town has 18 houses. Each house comes with a nice yard where you can build on, you can build inside the house aswell. Also all the houses come with several prefabs like lights, bed, tables, etc. All the huses have a helipad on top.
 You can only build inside the house and in the yard, everything else is blocked, makes it perfect for roleplay, pve or even pvp.

Shop with 3 NPCvendingmachines and a secound floor for admins where they can place beds, crates etc.

Underwater Bases with elevator, for more info you can search for it in prefabs here on this website.

Mainland and glaciar buildable bases.

Floating islands (futuristic and simple design)

Underwater bridge connecting mainland with Mallorca island.

Arena for the usuall pvp.

1 extra APC patrol path at the Airfield monument.
You will need RustEdit plugin in order to spawn the secound Bradley (BradleyAPC Spawned at :(-1760.0, 44.9, 1198.8))


***Added Ziplines
***Added Surface Trains.
*** Added Missile silo.


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