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About Rust Statistics

RustStatistics is a plugin to recover players and server statistics
We have a warning system automatic "Admin System Bans"

Whitelist system for your server, can be activated with a click on the dashboard of your server from our website


How to install on the server ?

Linked the plugin

Admin System Bans ( Prenium )


Admin System Bans is a network that includes many player bans.
It is used to warn a server about a player’s banishment levels, depending on the reasons for the bans previously received, and thus a penalty can be decided.

List of levels warning

Data Recovery on Players

  • Kills / Deaths and calculate the ratio
  • Connections list / Messages
  • KILLS / HITS NPC ( Animals, Scientist, ....)
  • HITS / Kills Player
  • The game time on the server
  • Destroyed construction

Data Recovery on Servers


  • The number of player connections
  • The change of map ( seed, size )
  • See the server map on the website
  • Admin list


  "ClientID": "",
  "ClientSecret": "",
  "Token": "false",
  "DebugConsole": false,
  "BansLevel": {
    "Critical": 3,
    "Moderate": 5,
    "Minor": -1

ClientID / ClientSecret -> The client id you can retrieve from https://ruststatistics.com/add

Token -> The token that would be generated automatically 

DebugConsole -> Displays all responses during a query

BansLevel -> Identifies the warning number that the player can have before a ban ( -1 the deactivate )


  "PluginLinked": "The plugin is well connected to ruststatistics.com",
  "RequiredLinked": "You must connect your server to our website via this url {0}",
  "SuccessToken": "A new token was saved, please link it via the url {0}",
  "AutoBanLevel": "You were automatically banned because you have {0} \"{1}\" warnings",
  "ReportedMessage": "\"{0}\" users has been reported by AdminSystemBans\n{1}",
  "AlertConnectedUser": "Your statistics of recorded games, you can viasualise them on the site below"



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