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About Reward Gifts

Reward Gifts is a playtime gift reward system that utilizes a UI for delivery and administration for daily gifts. Easy to use, easy to create, add or delete rewards. 

** Requires Image Library installed on server. **


  • No AFK Mode, so players can't try and trick the system to claim gifts for playtime, if they are AFK, the clock stops for them till they resume playing.
  • Support for Server Rewards and Economics as gifts that can be added.
  • Reward Gift Icon on the bottom left side of the screen (pre-programmed location) Enabled by default can be disabled in the config file.
  • Data Files for both the Reward Gifts and Player Data
  • Auto Reset timers in Days for players. Default is set to 1 day to reset the player play time.
  • 90% Complete Customization of the UI Interface Theme thru the config file.
  • Complete UI Reward Gift Claim Menu System. Once a player has played during a set amount of time, that defined reward gift can be claimed.
  • Complete UI Admin Creation Tool for adding or removing reward gifts thru the UI System.
  • Ability for Admins/Owners to add their own Logo to the Top of the UI System for more complete Customization feel.
  • Option to have Sound Effect on redeeming rewards
  • Option to have popup notification on redeeming rewards


  • /gifts - Chat command to call the Reward Gifts System Claim Menu (If enabled Gift Icon Button will do the same)
  • /giftswipe - For admins only, this will wipe and reset all player data


  • rewardgifts.admin - For admins to be able to administrate the Rewards
  • rewardgifts.vip - If you want to allow VIP reward gifts as well, players will need a VIP permission in order to claim special VIP Gifts


Thru the config file admin can almost completely customize the look and feel for coloring the theme of the system itself. 


  "General Settings": {
    "Chat notication Title": "ZTL Reward Gifts",
    "Chat notication Title Color": "orange",
    "Chat notication message color": "#FFFFFF",
    "How many days before reseting rewards (default is 1)": 1,
    "Hide VIP Flag on Rewards that are VIP": false,
    "Chat notication or rewards in minutes (0 to disalbe notifications)": 35,
    "Enable Help description for players": true,
    "Enable Sound Effect on Redeeming Rewards": true,
    "Enable Popup Notification when Redeeming Rewards": true
  "Optional Logo Settings": {
    "Enable Logo at the top of the Menu": true,
    "Logo URL": "https://i.imgur.com/M3oqVJe.png",
    "Logo Min Offset": "-160 2",
    "Logo Max Offset": "160 45"                                     
  "Optional Plugin Settings": {                 
    "Enable Server Rewards as a gift option": true,
    "Icon to be used for Serer Rewards gift reward": "https://i.imgur.com/EX2Q7k6.png",
    "Enable Economics as a gift option": false,
    "Icon to be used for Economics gift reward": "https://i.imgur.com/bkieAVV.png"
  "Icon Settings": {
    "Enable Gift Icon popup": true,
    "Gift Icon image file to use for button popup": "https://i.imgur.com/M1FiOmz.png",
    "Icon Left position": 0.005,
    "Icon Bottom position": 0.005,
    "Icon Right Position": 0.15,
    "Icon Top Position": 0.055
  "Menu Settings": {
    "How many panels to display per page": 4,
    "Main Background Color": {
      "Hex": "#1A1A1A",
      "Alpha": 0.9
    "Gift Panels Background Color": {
      "Hex": "#333333",
      "Alpha": 0.4
    "Menu Title Background Color": {
      "Hex": "#232323",
      "Alpha": 1.0
    "Main Buttons Color (Next/Back/Yes)": {
      "Hex": "#CCCCCC",
      "Alpha": 0.7
    "Main Buttons Color (Close/Cancel/Exit/Quit/No/Delete)": {
      "Hex": "#FF0000",
      "Alpha": 1.0
    "Menu Create UI Button Color Active": {
      "Hex": "#384229",
      "Alpha": 1.0
    "Menu Create UI Button Color": {
      "Hex": "#6A8B38",
      "Alpha": 0.9
    "Image Icon Background Color": {
      "Hex": "#333333",
      "Alpha": 0.8
    "Create Item Admin Button Color": {
      "Hex": "#FFA31A",
      "Alpha": 1.0
    "Redeem Button Color": {
      "Hex": "#007ACC",
      "Alpha": 1.0
    "Completed Time Text Color": {
      "Hex": "#6FFF00",
      "Alpha": 1.0
  "Version": {
    "Major": 2,
    "Minor": 2,
    "Patch": 0



  "RGInfo": "Reward Gifts System is now active. Type <color=yellow>/gifts</color> to access the Reward Gifts Menu!",
  "NewGiftInfo": "New Gift Information for Playing {0} Minute(s).",
  "GiftDetails": "{1} - {0}",
  "TimeAlreadyExists": "The select time {0} already exists as a Gift, if you continue the old entry will be removed",
  "GiftCreationCanceled": "You have successfully cancelled Gift Creation.",
  "GiftTitle": "Gift Requirement: {0} Minute(s)",
  "GiftTitleCompleted": "COMPLETED: {0} Minute(s)",
  "NewGift": "You have successfully created a new gift for {0} Minute(s)!",
  "GiftRemoved": "You have deleted the gift for {0} Minute(s)!",
  "NewGiftGiven": "You have been given {0} {1} for your PlayTime! Thanks for playing on the server today!",
  "SelectTime": "Select Minute Requirement for this Gift...",
  "SelectAmount": "Select the amount of the chosen item for this Gift.",
  "SelectGift": "Select a Gift Item",
  "NotAuth": "You are not an admin.",
  "VIPGift": "Make this a VIP only gift?",
  "CompletedNewGift": "You have been given a new gift for the {0} Minute PlayTime Objective!",
  "AccumulatedTime": "Accumulated Play Time: {0}",
  "NotEnoughSpace": "You do not have enough room to redeem this gift!",
  "NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command",
  "Button.Quit": "Quit",
  "Button.Close": "Close",
  "Button.Next": "Next",                    
  "Button.Back": "Back",
  "Button.Cancel": "Cancel",
  "Button.Yes": "Yes",
  "Button.No": "No",
  "Button.Delete": "Delete",                                  
  "Button.Redeem": "Redeem",
  "Button.VIP": "VIP Redeem",
  "Button.VIPOnly": "VIP Only",
  "Button.Toggle": "Toggle Admin",
  "Button.CreateGift": "Create a Gift",
  "Button.Save": "Save Gift",
  "Button.AddItem": "Add Another Item",
  "Help.Description": "Reward Gifts Claim Menu Information:\n\nReward Gifts are based on actual playing time. After completion of so many minutes, a Reward Gift will become available to be redeemed. You can see available Reward Gifts by clicking the Next & Back Buttons to navigate the system.",
  "Title.Main": "Reward Gifts Creation Menu",
  "Title.CreateMenu": "Reward Gifts Creation Menu",
  "Title.VIP": "VIP",
  "Error.MustEnterAmount": "You must enter an amount to continue",
  "Title.Amount": "Enter Amount",
  "Text.Amount": "Amount",
  "Text.AmountDescription": "Enter amount for item : {0}",
  "Title.Time": "Enter amount of time needed",
  "Text.TimeDescription": "Enter amount of time in Minutes (Max 1440 Mins) then press Enter",
  "Text.Time": "Time",
  "RewardRedeemed": "Reward has been Redeemed" 


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