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ResourceRush Event 1.1.71

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About ResourceRush Event

ResourceRush is a custom event plugin for Rust that allows players to gather resources at increased rates for a limited time. 


Key Features:
- Time-limited resource gathering events
- Customizable event duration, resource multipliers, and start times 
- Informative ResourceRush UI with toggle option
- Event announcements and in-game notifications
- Enable/disable - game tips, chat messages and start sound effect 
- Server console command ("rush.start") for manual event start 

Usage with GatherManager - Example: " If GatherManager sulfur rate 1.5x and ResourceRush sulfur rate 2x.  Then 1.5  X  2 = 3x rate total during Event "


  "Only Command Start Event": false,
  "Show ResourceRush UI": true,
  "ResourceRush UI Style ( 1 = With UI Text, 2 = No UI Text, 3 = No UI Text)": 1,
  "ResourceRush UI Text": "Gather resources with increased rates!",
  "ResourceRush UI Location (top right, top center, top center2, top left | left center, right center | bottom left)": "top center",
  "Event Duration": 360.0,
  "Resource Multipliers": {
    "default": 1.3,
    "wood": 1.3,
    "stones": 1.3,
    "metal.ore": 1.3,
    "hq.metal.ore": 1.3,
    "sulfur.ore": 1.5
  "Event Start Message": "<color=yellow>Resource</color><color=red>Rush</color> <color=white>Has Started! Gather resources with increased rates!</color>",
  "Event End Message": "<color=yellow>Resource</color><color=red>Rush</color> <color=white>Has Ended!</color>",
  "Start Event Every (seconds) ": 1800.0,
  "Enable Game Tips": true,
  "Enable Chat Messages": true,
  "GameTip Duration": 10.0,
  "Event Start Sound Effect": true
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