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Loot Audit 1.4.3

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Development of Loot Audit is halted, the replacement will be available by next wipe day May 2/2024 (providing it’s approved by then).

Anyone who has purchased LootAudit will be eligible for a discount on the replacement (with proof of purchase).

Thanks for the support and understanding on the extreme delays on the project.

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About Loot Audit

A plugin for Rust server owners or admin that can assist in determining if a player is cheating to gain loot.

Loot Audit is used by granting the permission "uselog" to the specific player they suspect is cheating and the plugin will categorically log what the loot is and where it was looted from.

Discord integration is quickly setup by creating a webhook in discord and adding it to the Discord Webhook line in the config.
If you do not wish to use the Discord logging feature then leave that line as is in the config.

NOTE: *** Use permissions can be toggled on/off (true/false) in the config, it is highly recommended to leave it true (set by default) as the logs will add up fairly quickly and can impact server performance. ***


lootaudit.admin - Allows admin to clear the logs from the data file.

lootaudit.uselog - Allows the players loot to be logged.



- /clrla - Clears the data file.

- /tiadmin - Toggles Ignore admin

- /lahelp - Lists the current set commands to the admin in chat.

-/cdebug - Toggles debug to console.



* Ignore admin, regardless of permissions.

* Detailed logs sorted by category.

* Easily configurable.

* Logs items even when stacked.

Default Config:

  "Chat Prefix": "<color=#32CD32>Loot Audit</color>: ",
  "Discord WebHook": "https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks",
  "Command to see commands list": "lahelp",
  "Command to toggle console debug": "cdebug",
  "Command to clear Loot Audit data file": "clrla",
  "Command to toggle Ignore Admin": "tiadmin",
  "Use data file to log (true / false)": true,
  "Clear data file on wipe (true / false)": false,
  "Ignore Admin (true / false)": false,
  "Use Debug (true / false)": true,
  "Use Permissions (true (recommended)/ false)": true,
  "Log Vending Machines (true / false)": true,
  "Log Item Pickups (true / false)": true,
  "Log Collectible Pickups (true / false)": true,
  "Log Checking Corpses (true / false)": true,
  "Log Player Corpse Looting (true / false)": true,
  "Log NPC Corpse Looting (true / false)": true,
  "Log Looting From Containers (true / false)": true,
  "Log Dispensers (true / false)": true,
  "Log Growables (true / false)": true,
  "Log Looting of Players (true / false)": true


Default Data File:

  "Bought": [],
  "NPCSold": [],
  "Pickedup": [],
  "Collected": [],
  "Chopped": [],
  "Mined": [],
  "Hunted": [],
  "Farmed": [],
  "CheckedCorpse": [],
  "CheckedSleeper": [],
  "CheckedNPCCorpse": [],
  "LootedFromCorpse": [],
  "LootedFromNPCCorpse": [],
  "LootedFromPlayerInventory": [],
  "LootedFromContainer": [],
  "LootedFromPlayerDropBag": []


Default Lang File:

  "perms": "You don't have permission to use this command.",
  "clrla": "Loot Audit Data has been cleared.",
  "iadmin": "Ignore admin now set.",
  "iadminf": "Ignore admin now disabled.",
  "databought": "{0} ({1}) bought {2} {3}(s) from {4} for {5} {6} from {7} ({8}) {9} UTC time.",
  "databoughtnpc": "{0} sold {1} {2}(s) to {3} ({4}) for {5} {6} {7} UTC time.",
  "databoughtnpcd": "{0} sold {1} {2}(s) to {3} ({4}) {5} UTC time.",
  "datalootpickup": "{0} ({1}) picked up {2} {3}(s) off the ground {4} UTC time.",
  "datachopped": "{0} chopped {1} {2} from a {3} {4} UTC time.",
  "datamined": "{0} mined {1} {2} from a {3} node {4} UTC time.",
  "datamined2": "{0} ({1}) mined {2} {3} from a Metal Ore node {4} UTC time.",
  "datahunted": "{0} carved {1} {2} from a {3} {4} UTC time.",
  "datafarmed": "{0} ({1}) harvested {2} {3} {4} UTC time.",
  "datalootcollect": "{0} ({1}) collected {2} {3}(s) off the ground {4} UTC time.",
  "datacheckcorpse": "{0} ({1}) checked for loot on the corpse of {2} ({3}) {4} UTC time.",
  "datachecksleeper": "{0} ({1}) checked for loot on sleeping body of {2} ({3}) {4} UTC time.",
  "datachecknpccorpse": "{0} ({1}) checked for loot on a {2} {3} UTC time.",
  "datalootfromcorpse": "{0} ({1}) looted {2} {3}(s) from the dead body of {4} ({5}) {6} UTC time.",
  "datalootfromnpccorpse": "{0} ({1}) looted {2} {3}(s) from a {4} {5} UTC time.",
  "datalootfromplayerinventory": "{0} ({1}) looted {2} {3}(s) from a {4} owned by {5} {6} UTC time.",
  "datalootfromcontainer": "{0} ({1}) looted {2} {3}(s) from a {4} {5} UTC time.",
  "datalootfromdropbag": "{0} ({1}) looted {2} {3}(s) from a drop bag {4} UTC time."


Other information:

Comments, suggestions or for support message me here or on Discord: gt403cyl2

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