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About Instant Airdrop

Are your players tired of waiting for Airdrops? This little plugin makes them appear almost instantly, no cargo plane, no parachutes. Airdrop will spawn wherever the supply signal lands. The delay can be modified in the config file. The default is 5 seconds to allow the supply signal to land and smoke briefly. 

Config File 

  "Delay Before Spawn": 5.0,
  "Use Permission": false,
  "Prevent Deploying Inside (Players will only be able to deploy supply signals outside)": false


if "Use Permission" is set true then permission to be set is 



If "Prevent Deploying Inside" the Airdrop will be cancelled, the supply signal will be refunded to the player and a message will inform the player that supply signals can only be deployed outside. This is to prevent instant airdrops spawning inside of bases and is optional. 


Tested to work nicely along side other plugins such as:

Heli Signals 
Bradley Drops
Fancy Drop
Loot Defender
Signal Cooldown
Helpful Supply
Supply Lock

Note: The plugin is designed to operate without causing issues when used with these plugins. However, it does not integrate or alter the functionality of these plugins.

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