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About AutoDungCollector


The innovative "AutoDungCollector" plugin revolutionizes the way you deal with horse dung. This  plugin has been specifically designed for horse enthusiasts and stable owners to simplify the laborious task of manually collecting horse manure.

With the "AutoDungCollector" plugin, you can automatically collect horse dung within a specific radius. It utilizes state-of-the-art sensor technology and advanced algorithms to accurately detect the position and quantity of horse dung. Even the largest clumps are easily handled by the DungCollector due to its powerful suction technology!

The plugin can be precisely configured through a Config to ensure smooth and efficient collection and disposal of horse waste.


This plugin utilizes the permission system. To grant a permission, use the command "oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>".
To revoke a permission, use the command "oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or Steam ID> <permission>".

AutoDungCollector.use - If a player possesses this permission and places a Dung Collector, the Dung Collector will automatically gather dung from horses.
AutoDungCollector.give - Users with this permission also have the ability to execute the command. Note: Having this permission eliminates the need for the additional AutoDungCollector.use permission.

Chat and Consolen Command
This plugin includes a chat command that allows users to give themselves a DungCollector. To be able to use this command, the user needs the "AutoDungCollector.give" permission.

- Allows users to obtain a DungCollector through a command.

dungbox.give playername amount - With this command, you can give a specific user a certain number of DungCollectorBoxes. This command can be executed in the Rcon or server console. If you want to execute it in the F1 console, the user must be an admin.

In the config, you have the option to set the name, skin, chat prefix for the NoGivePermission message, as well as the radius of the DungCollector. We recommend a range between 5.0-10.0

  "CollectionRadius": 5.0,
  "DungBoxChatPrefix": "<size=12><color=#AE3624>SERVERNAME</color> <size=18>|</size> <color=#738D45>Dung Collector</color>\n",
  "DungBoxName": "Dung Collector",
  "DungBoxSkinID": 1289528816

In the localization, you have the option to customize the NoGivPermission notification. This plugin supports both ENG and DE languages.

{prefix} - Represents the chat prefix that you can set in the config.
{playername} - Displays the player's name in the chat.

  "NoGivePermission": "{prefix}<color=#AE3624>{playername}</color> you do not have permission for that!"

Additionally, there are two skins that we have created specifically for this plugin.
Item Name: Large Wood Box
Item ShortName: box.wooden.large
ENG-SkinID: 2976359133
DE-SkinID: 2976367851

If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me privately or reach out to our support and discussion channels. We hope you enjoy using this small plugin, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thank you! 😉

The plugin "AutoDungCollector" is a plugin by @MeinRust  & @NooBlet , make sure to check him out, he also has many cool plugins!
The skins for this plugin were created by our server skinner @jerryvandamme


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