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About FrankTown


Franktown is a small Western-style town somewhere on the edge of the world, where the foot of modern man has not yet reached. All the color of that era is collected here. Travelers come here to buy a horse and weapons with which they defend themselves in these parts. There are 11 buildings located on the territory of the city.

1. Weapons store. Here you can buy weapons of those times, as well as buy supplies for it. A local seller will be happy to advise you and provide a service in exchange for the local currency-scrap
2. The chapel, which is also a church. Although the building is old, it is still in good condition. Various ceremonies were held here. There is not much to say here. An ordinary hall with seats and a priest’s seat. The coffin that fell from the chairs suggests that the ceremony was interrupted at one of the moments of farewell to the deceased. It’s a terrible sight.
3. The Undertaker’s building. An undertaker lived in this house. A man who in his life was so used to digging the earth that he asked himself the question-who will dig a hole for him? The building is divided into 2 zones. The workshop area, where coffins for the dead were created and the necessary inventory was stored, and the second zone – the living area, where this character rested in his spare time, sitting by the fireplace.
4. Bar. The place where all the men of this area gathered. They gathered in a friendly company over a glass of wild unfiltered beer, telling stories about who knocked down how many cans with a shot from his revolver with his eyes closed, sitting on his mare and sipping a cigar. The bar is spacious, with a good view and a balcony for watching. There is still a lot of alcohol on the shelves.
5. Medical center. The building where local “50 Cent’s” most often fell from another bullet wound. Some of them literally lost their heads and legs. The building is two-storeyed. You can find medicines to heal your wounds and not leave your head on the table.
6. Stable. This is a parking horses. Four-legged inhabitants of these parts. One of the most valuable things that can be found here. For local currency, you can buy a saddle from a merchant, with which you can choose your favorite horse and ride it into the sunset.
7. The Sheriff’s building. The den of a local law enforcement officer. A stealer of wild cowboys and insatiable “50 Cent’s”. The building has 2 cages for the most violent inhabitants. On the table there is a notebook for entering the names of those very assholes because of whom he had to keep order in a place that would sit in a bar with a beautiful girl and tell her stories about how he reward the local cayotes.
8. Railway station. Everything is simple here. An ordinary station with two zones – a passenger zone and a cargo zone. You can still find something useful here. Sometimes a train arrives at the station, so there will definitely be something that will be useful in the future
9. Bank. The repository of all the jewels. Everything that was considered expensive was brought here. There is a special room with this wealth, which can only be accessed through a blue access card. Apparently, among them was a kind of Elon Musk, who was able to come up with this protection technology.
10. A residential building that cannot be entered into the interior. The door is closed, and you should not break it down, as problems may arise. There is clearly nothing of value inside.
11. Depot. Trains are defended here. You can try to steal one of them.

Also on the territory of the city you can find a place of execution – a gallows, a local toilet, a well. The city was considered a place where you could always be safe.

In the future, I plan to produce new buildings for expansion or replacement of buildings. It is very well suited for creating a custom city where you can add merchants. A certain safe zone or a custom place for the appearance of players.

In the background, you can see the Western Ranch, which fits perfectly into this color. Please note that the Ranch is not included in this set of prefabs, but you can buy it separately by finding it in my resources.

Crate Normal Random =  4 pieces
Crate Normal_2 = 3 pieces
Crate Food = 5 pieces
Crate Tool = 2 pieces
Crate Med = 2 pieces
Crate Basic = 4 pieces
Vehicle Parts = 2 pieces

Entity count 7800 pieces

• Availability of places to buy weapons in the store without using NPCs. Store profiles are included in the package
• The presence of a horse dealer. The profile is included in the package.
• Detailed work of the interiors of each building. 99% of the work is done completely from scratch.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me in Discord: Xacku в Macke #8202

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