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About MainLand

I present to your attention a map from the category of low load on the server. An interesting, custom landscape with vanilla monuments, with places for building and with barges for quick loot, as well as a large military peninsula with different buildings

Map size: 3500
Number of prefabs: 7156 

The optimization will allow you to run this map even on a weak tariff of your hosting with 6GB of RAM. Interesting landscape places will allow you to plunge into traveling on the map with curiosity and pleasure. There are 2 types of building sites on the map:

1. a barge with a shed in which you can line up. on board the barge there is a greenhouse with already placed beds and light, there is also a barrel for fresh water next to the greenhouse. The Water Bases plugin will fit perfectly here, allowing you to build foundations on water, and then build residential buildings.

2. a small village with abandoned houses, a vegetable garden and a hard worker's shed, under which a large oven is located. Here you have to clear the territory of trees and wood that may be lying around the house, so that it would be more pleasant for you to live on the territory. At the entrance to the village there is a small pond with fresh water, which can be brought to the house using a pump.

Also, barges with sulfur ore, iron ore and stone ore are located around the island. This will not cause any imbalance, since there will spawn from 5 to 7 boulders on each barge. The WaterPatrol plugin will fit perfectly here, which will spawn NPCs patrolling the waters on boats around the island.

Some screenshots show third-party plugins that are not included with this map. When buying this product, you only buy the map file. Please consider this.

An asterisk * marks custom locations where you can build up
Barges with ore are marked with a grid #

The following monuments are present on the map:

Abandoned Military Base
Arctic Research Base
Launch Site
Missile SIlo
Oil Rig small
Oil Rig large
Power Plant
The Dome
Train Yard

Gas Station x2
Supermarket x2
Warehouse x2
Fishing village x3
Underwater labs x4

Bandit Camp

Custom build place:
Abandoned Village x2
Build Barge x3

Military peninsula
Ore barge x9 


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