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About Layflat

I present to your attention a small semi-vanilla map with beautiful landscape places, which is suitable for any type of servers, good optimization on this map will not load your server machine and client computers. The combined outpost will reduce unnecessary movements for players and allow them to purchase in one place. The railway will allow you to use the Armored Train plugin from Adem. Considerable water space will allow you to use the WaterPatrol plugin from KpucTaJl. ZIP towers are placed all over the map. There are underwater laboratories.


Number of objects on the map: 5055
Map size: 3000 square meters

Custom monuments:
Merged outpost is a standard outpost to which functions from the city of bandits have been transferred. The casino has been moved to the second floor of the previously demolished building, where processors are located on the ground floor. The entrance to the second floor is located from a previously destroyed building, where there is a repair table on the ground floor. The purchase of helicopters was carried out over the fence of the outpost from GATE 2.

Cooling Tower is a kind of adaptation of a coal tower in a smaller size and is slightly customized in the surrounding area. The functionality is still the same - unloading of filled wagons with resources

Standard monuments:
Abandoned Military Base
Arctic Research Base
Ferry Terminal
Fishing Village x3
Harbor large and small
Gas Station x2
Giant Excavator
Launch Site
Mining outpost x2
Missle SIlo
Oil Rigs large and small
Satellite Dish
Sewer Branch
Supermarket x2
The Dome
Underwater Labs
Water Treatment



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