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About ACBFRadTown [HDRP]

I was inspired by this construction by the game Assasins Creed 4 BF.

Old technologies of a forgotten civilization were hidden in this cave, during the time of pirates, pirates captured this cave and searched for a treasure in it for a long time. In our time, we can see what happened to the cave, it has old magic stones, shovels left over from pirates and mechanisms of our time. This cave perfectly conveys the contrast of the differences of times and technologies

What's on this RadTown?!

  • There is a trap with a floor that goes out from under your feet, the player can catch an opponent while he processes resources on the 2nd floor
  • After falling, the player can fall on the laser and the Tesla coil will work
  • On the 3rd floor there are 2 rooms with loot, to open the first room, you just need to turn the wheel. To open the second room, you need a red card and a fuse.
    Boats rarely appear inside the cave.
    Barrels with fuel and components will appear inside the cave, the player will always be able to sail away if he has a boat.
    All the water in the cave is drinkable
    If there is a person on the 2nd floor, then a siren is triggered, which will show you that there is a person there
    Total objects 4860

    For proper installation, focus on the water lilies, they should be exactly on the water. If you want me to change something or add to this building, then write in the reviews, I want to develop and I am interested to see your thoughts and suggestions1754879997_ (10) .thumb.jpg.efdb9f92036574e87b984fed6537a415.jpg
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