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About Avo Tear RT [LOOT]

RT medium size
An ancient magic sword stuck in the ground and formed a crack in it

The uniqueness of this Rad Town is that in order to patch up the main places with loot, you need friends, bots or neighbors.
There are 2 houses with loot in the monument, which open depending on the number of people next to them.

1 house requires 2 players 2138152134_1(7).thumb.jpg.19b3f6569d0ac28cb7295624627c75c5.jpg

2 house requires 4 players1382928878_1(7).thumb.jpg.8f970320c1fd3bf58f233e609dbb85dc.jpg

There is also a place for parkour in this Red Town1354901441_1(3).thumb.jpg.310f18b442178e6993e4e81556cd22ea.jpg

If a person falls into a crack, then after half a way he automatically dies.
Red Town cannot be built up or built inside deep below.
On the territory of Red Town, barrels, boxes and cars will spawn, in other words, everything is the same as near the road.
Houses that are opened only with the help of 2-4 players will be open for 30 seconds, after that the doors will close and the player will have to turn the wheel inside the house.(the player can't get stuck inside the house forever!)


  • Crate Normal x3
  • Crate Elite x2
  • Crate Basic x3
  • Crate Fuel x1
  • Crate Ammunition x1
  • Crate Normal  x5
  • Crate Food x1
  • Crate Med x1
  • Crate Tools x1
  • Crate Food 2 x2

More detailed

  • Building 🚫
  • Radiation 🚫
  • Loot Spawn ✅
  • Player Spawn 🚫
  • Balance ✅
  • Parcour✅
  • Pazzle✅
  • Lags🚫
  • Total prefabs - 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣5️⃣
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