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About Sharingan Cave

  • This prefab is made to build a base inside it
  • https://gfycat.com/ru/dangerouswildleafbird
    I express my gratitude to Abracadaver for the opportunity to use Vault Door.
  • Sharingan-1.gif
  • Before entering the cave, I put a lock on the construction, it is marked in yellow in the screenshot475889422_1(10).thumb.jpg.f780cc6e6ccb575bd7f68f45f6769bb0.jpg
  • The prefab has 1️⃣0️⃣8️⃣7️⃣ elements
  • Prefab has a garage for a copter1975217566_1(2).thumb.jpg.60cf35ebbdbd857fb3eeaa72226450f3.jpg
  • Prefab has a garage for a car      1862099578_1(9).thumb.jpg.6fd5536adcf7f26f6bc9e6a0772d07cb.jpg
  • There are buttons inside garages
  • There are buttons outside the garages, you can turn them off inside the house on the main panel150902248_1(3).thumb.jpg.e8b0c70f441db08c162bc139692d974b.jpg
  • If you switch the switch to the OFF position, the buttons outside will stop working, and the buttons inside always work. Your opponent will not get to your base through the garage if the switches are in the OFF position.
  • There is an AMATERASU timer on the main panel. It can be used 1 time in 30 seconds. He opens the sharingan outside the base and causes several Tesla coils to fire near the base.I added more screenshots from Rusedit so that you can see how the prefab changes depending on the type of terrain on which it is located
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