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Stellarium(Underwater update) 1.0.0


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About Stellarium(Underwater update)

Stellarium – is the map which combines several different worlds.
1.The strictness of the canyon that involves a deep river valley with some gentle and very steep slopes.
2. Fantastic monuments are not like anything that you used to see in the game before. Immerse yourself in the world of your brightest fantasies.
3. Wasteland – an abandoned territory, where once there was a settlement, which people left because of hunger, death of its last owners and the lack of water sources.
4. Post-apocalypse – life in the world after a monstrous catastrophe that wiped out humanity from the earth.

Map Size – 4000
Prefabs – 52853

Custom monuments:
Valley of Weightlessness;
Mountain swamps;
Gardens of the Agora;
The Cloud Canyon;
The Rostock Factory;
Blue Cave;
Junk Town;
Houses in wood;
Glass caves;
Caves in the skull;
Gingerbread house;
Many places to build your base.

Monuments FP:
– Launch Site
– Outpost
– Sewer Branch
– Water Treatment
– Bandit camp
– Sphere
– Satellite Dish
– Quarry
– Harbor
– Military tunnels
– OilRig
– Fishing Village
– Ranch
– Lighthouse
– Underwatter lab


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