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About Red Sands Custom Map


There are two main large custom monuments on the map as well as a range of smaller monuments as well as a set of default regular monuments and the space saving military tunnels buried deep underground and even two Bradley's to fight across the fully custom terrain that brings a unique look to your server.

Size: 3050


Yes you are allowed to edit the map and add stuff etc 😀.

M.O.T Centre

This monument is based on the real world MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) is an annual test of vehicle safety, road worthiness aspects and it carried out in garages across the UK.

In this game version, you can find more car related loot than normal and also a working car ramp to modify your cars as well as a blue card puzzle with some nice loot and to top it off a red card spawn.

Cobalt Vaults

This monument is largely underground with a set of secure storage vaults guarded with a team of scientists and APC defending the central control tower to the vaults battle your way up and start to open up the vaults one by one to see what cobalt is storing out of sight.

Maunsell Forts

This monument is based on the real-world red sands forts that I visited a few years ago. In game you will find a set of fully restored Maunsell Forts that have been co-opted by cobalt scientists to use as a central location to plan their nefarious experiments.

Other Monuments:

  1. Desert Military Base
  2. Outpost
  3. Airfield 
  4. Small Train Station
  5. Bandit Camp
  6. Gas Station
  7. Supermarket
  8. Military Tunnels
  9. Launch Site
  10. Train Yard
  11. Junkyard
  12. Fishing Villages
  13. Sewer Branch
  14. Water Treatment
  15. Above Ground Railway Jct
  16. Underwater Labs
  17. Warehouse
  18. Supermarket
  19. Subways
  20. Sphere Tank
  21. Oil Rig Large & Small

Oxide and RustEdit.dll

Contact And Help

If you need to contact me discord is best: RobJ2210#2553
For help/support my discord group is best: Join RustMaps Discord




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