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About Experimental Islands

The thick fog disappears, revealing an incredible sight before you - the Experimental Islands. These lost in the ocean present a challenge of survival. In every corner of the world lurk dangers and treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • The center island has the usual fishing village, consisting of a bandit village and a peaceful town, a peaceful town and an office filled with booty. Variety of PTs on other islands Here you will find many useful PTs such as a warehouse, gas station, lighthouse, an “Industrial Center” garden, a serious quarry and an abandoned military base. This is a real treasure trove of resources and secrets.
  • Convenient Transportation System The entire building is equipped with a subway branch system and ziplines for quick and comfortable transportation. You can easily and conveniently move between islands. Other attractions are also available.
  • Map size - 1250
  • The map “Experimental Island” for Rust is not just a new territory, it is a complete immersion into an exciting world with location concepts, strategies, transportation system and survival development options. Be ready for unexpected adventures and enjoy every moment on the Rust racing map! The Experimental Islands map is part of the OneGrid collection and offers unique opportunities for your gaming experience in the world of Rust.


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