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About Secret Island

Unlock the awesome “Secret Islands” map for Rust, which opens up a whole new world of exciting adventure and survival! This time scientists are once again conducting experiments, secretly from the government. They have driven people to an island to see how they live in an unusual environment, in which there is only one safe place.

At the center of this map is a safe zone on the visible player islands, where there is a service landmark for everyone. Here you can arm yourself and socialize with other survivors before embarking on your dangerous journey. 

Three bridges lead from the center islands and this is the beginning of your adventures. Along the way you will be met by custom RT such as:

- 📦Warehouse - identifying external supplies
- 🚀 Rocket Station - a mysterious complex with an unknown Objective where the crate appears
- 🏋️♂️Учебный Center - a place to train and improve the skills of test subjects
- 🔬Scientists' Laboratory - a mysterious place that holds secrets
- 🏭Industrial buildings - sources of resources and dangers

In addition you will encounter the usual PT, including:

- 🏪Supermarket
- ⛽2 oil rigs 
- ⛵Harbor
- 🌉2 lighthouses

For easy movement around the island, there are ziplines that allow you to quickly move between locations.

But that's not all! On the Secret Islands map, you'll find plenty of custom scenery that immerses you in an exciting survival atmosphere. From whimsical sculptures and decorations to the smallest details that create a unique atmosphere, everything awaits you on this secret island!

Join Secret Islands and enter your own world full of danger, treasure and incredible adventures! Will you be able to survive in this paradisiacal but deadly corner of the neighborhood?

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