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About KBEdits Stolla-Petrol


This version of a petrol station can be used as a mini monument or roadside monument.

Stolla-Petrol offers your players  some-place new to explore and recycle their components after a road run. The buildings have standard loot and a recycler with plenty of places to defend from. The surrounding area allows for players to hide and attack anyone within the Station or passing by.

The prefab has a broken garage and abandoned buildings attached, the previous owners abandoned the garage after it attracted the wrong type of clientele and was the center off to many killings. Multi-Level buildings with crates and barrels both inside and outside.

The Station can be added to any map both with a road or without.

To Install:-
Place the prefab in a flattish area and apply the prefab modifiers, the prefab has been created in a way that allows the map creator to place with ease and may need just a few changes to blend into any existing map.

Prefab Count: 1704

If you have any issues or questions then feel free to join us on our discord channel https://discord.gg/AdqKeqV

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