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Drag & Drop PVE Server 1.0.2

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About Drag & Drop PVE Server

This template still requires permissions to be set up!

The package does not contain any plugins!


This package contains a configured PVE Rust server, tailored for optimal performance and gameplay experience. The Rust server within this package is meticulously set up to offer seamless gameplay, whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game. With carefully configured settings, plugins, and mods, this server package ensures an immersive and enjoyable Rust gaming environment.

Preconfigured permissions and groups 
(VIP, VIP+, VIP++, Elit)

Pre-established permissions and groups are configured for your convenience, allowing for easier modifications.

All features you get with this server template

  • Faster Airdrops
  • Faster Recycler Speed
  • Magic Loot Tables
  • Automatic Authorization
  • Backpacks
  • Better Chat
  • Better Chat Filters
  • Clans
  • Home system/Teleportation
  • 60 Minute Day / 5 Minute Night
  • Skinbox
  • Higher Stack Sizes
  • Timed Permissions
  • Welcome Panel
  • SignsMonitor
  • Bradley Control
  • RP System (Server Rewards)  (you can install other shops, just don't delete the serverrewards plugin)
  • Rust Rewards
  • Prevent Looting
  • Loot Defender
  • Loot Bouncer
  • Prevent Looting
  • Reboot Scheduler
  • Time Of Day
  • Vehicle Licence
  • 5 sec vending machine cooldown
  • Welcome panel
  • Wipe Countdown
  • Welcome Panel Addons
  • True PVE
  • Signs Monitor
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