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Giveaway Bot ( Rust x Discord ) 1.5

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Message added by Drxp,

Within the zip, you will find a `README` this will tell you how to set everything up.

Any issues drop me a message on discord: drxp

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About Giveaway Bot ( Rust x Discord )

Giveaway Bot (Rust x Discord)

Contents of the Zip Folder:
Website Files (With 4 Themes)
Discord Bot Files: Essential for the operation of the giveaway bot.
Plugin Files: Required for the Discord bot to function properly.

The Website Files are optional for the setup. However, the Bot requires the Plugin to work effectively. The Plugin integrates playtime with a points system, offering a unique way to engage users.

Bot Commands:

/giveaway: Initiates a new giveaway.
/endgiveaway: Ends the current giveaway.

Note: As of the current version, the bot supports only one giveaway at a time. This limitation is planned to be addressed in the next update.

Future Plans:

Enhanced Points Acquisition: The future updates aim to introduce more methods for gaining points, enhancing user engagement. These will include points for Gathering, Looting (Helicopter, Bradley, Cargo Ship, Oil Rigs, etc.), PVP Kills, and PVE Kills.

Support for Multiple Giveaways: Upcoming patches will allow the bot to handle multiple giveaways simultaneously, improving functionality.

Expanded Integration: While currently reliant on Simple Link, future versions will support additional linking websites, broadening the bot's applicability and ease of use.

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