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Chat Commands 3.0

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About Chat Commands


/discord - reply:  Join our Discord server: discord.gg/example
/website - reply: Visit our website at: www.example.com
/help - reply: Need help? Contact our support team: [email protected]
/vote - reply: Vote for our server: vote.example.com
/rules - reply: Here are the server rules: ...
/store - reply: Check out our store: store.example.com
/pop - reply: Shows the number of players online


  "Commands": {
    "discord": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Join our Discord server: discord.gg/example",
      "CooldownMinutes": 60.0
    "website": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Visit our website at: www.example.com",
      "CooldownMinutes": 120.0
    "help": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Need help? Contact our support team: [email protected]",
      "CooldownMinutes": 180.0
    "vote": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Vote for our server: vote.example.com",
      "CooldownMinutes": 240.0
    "rules": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Here are the server rules: ...",
      "CooldownMinutes": 300.0
    "store": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> Check out our store: store.example.com",
      "CooldownMinutes": 360.0
    "pop": {
      "Reply": "",
      "CooldownMinutes": 30.0


New Command:

/pop - Shows the number of players online

In the config file the 
    "pop": {
      "Reply": "",
      "CooldownMinutes": 30.0

To ensure the proper functioning of the "/pop" command, it is recommended to leave the "Reply" field in the config file blank. Filling in this field with a custom message may result in an error.

If you would like to have the option to include a personalized message with the "/pop" command, kindly consider leaving a review to express your interest in adding support for a custom message. Your feedback will be valuable for future updates and improvements.

How to add new commands:

To add new command just go under the last command and copy and paste this. in the ChatCommands.json
    "newcommand": {
      "Reply": "<color=#FF0000>[ChatCommands]:</color> hahahah",
      "CooldownMinutes": 60.0


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