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Found 3 results

  1. @Raul-Sorin Sorban helped us to get our API support into the EasyVote plugin on an abbonend Plugin. We are really gratefull he wanted to pickup the project and willing to maintain it, for the beneficial of all rust related sites and not cherry picking one over the other. So i'd say Raul thumbs up to you!
  2. Version 2.9.1


    Better Ticket for Ember is a support tickets module with Discord integration for Ember script. With this module, your players will be able to create tickets. You can answer each ticket, delete the tickets, manage the tickets, change the server type, change the status. Also you can add Discord integration between this module and your Discord server. Each activity will be sent to your Discord channel and to ticket creator player's DM box. Features Ticket page. Ticket creation. Answering tickets. Discord integration. (Logging ticket creation, answers from players. Also players with Discord verified profiles will get a direct message about the ticket.) Category creation for tickets. Your servers will be listed under Manage Ticket - Server Installation Place the BetterTicket folder into Ember's modules folder. Go to your website, Go to Better Ticket Settings, Enter your License Key (You can get your licence key after purchasing the module. Send me a message after you buy it.) Enter your Discord Bot Token (If you want to use Discord Integration.) Enter your Discord Guild ID (If you want to use Discord Integration.) Enber your Discord Guild Log Channel ID (If you want to use Discord Integration) Click on SAVE button. Click on "Install Better Ticket v(current version)" It will be installed after all of these steps. Here is a video about it:
  3. Version 1.5.0


    This bot provides quick and easy access to searching players for linked alt accounts all simply through Discord. This bot makes it easy for your admins to search for players that might have game banned alts, eac bans, battlemetrics bans, etc* This will also work great if you don't want to give your staff access to IP's but still want them to be able to check for linked alts. The bot offers VPN and GEFORCE detection so random accounts do not get linked. Every command is also protected behind role permissions so not just anyone that you don't specify can use this command. FEATURES: - Alt finder - Battlemetrics ban checker - EAC Ban checker - EAC Banned friends finder - COMING SOON! Full server scanner. Will scan your whole server for any players with EAC banned alts. The bot is very simple to setup and provides a easy to read documentation on hot to setup and host the bot. Pictures for each thing are attached above! This command runs off your BattleMetrics API key, so it will only have access to what you have access to. Any questions, please feel free to join my support server and I'll be more than happy to help you! https://discord.gg/RVePam7pd7


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