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Better Admin - Admin Protections 1.0.0

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About Better Admin - Admin Protections

We all been there, where we accidentally got kicked or killed with some wierd admin loot on us. Or teleported to the wrong coordinates and got ourselves kicked from InsideTerrainViolation broadcasted to the whole server.

This simple plugin gives admins an extra layer of protection against accidental bad interactions in rust game play by:

  • Disable Anti-Hack Violations for admins (flyhack, inside terrain hack etc.)
  • Disable player corpse for admins
  • Automatically kill admins on disconnect.
  • Disable admins from (mostly accidentally) inviting other players to their team
  • Disable admins from dropping loot (when you drop loot it will simply dissapear instead)
  • Disabled turrets/npc/bradley/patrol heli from targeting admins
  • Disabled hostile status for admins (safezone sentries and scientists wont see you as hostile)

All of the above features can be disabled in config as well as via the permission system.


Missing something?

If i've missed some valuable protection feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Discord at: malm0

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