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Skin Button 1.0.0

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About Skin Button

About Skin Button

This plugin adds two more buttons to the lockers: "Save" and "Skin", a perfect QoL feature to put behind VIP passes.

With the save button you allow players to save the current skinned "kit" to their preferences, next time they press "Skin" the plugin will skin the items in that locker to the saved skins.

This is a very loved plugin among clans and larger groups that prefer to roam in their team color.



Everybody with this permission will be able to use the plugin.


The config file allows you to change the colors of the buttons.

  "Button: Save": {
    "Color": "0.3 0.7 1 0.5",
    "Text Color": "0.6 0.8 1 1"
  "Button: Skin": {
    "Color": "1 0.7 0.3 0.5",
    "Text Color": "1 0.8 0.3 1"

Language file

To change the button text, simply edit your language files.

  "SkinButton": "Skin",
  "SaveButton": "Save"


I'm available on CodeFling and on Discord as "Malmø#0001".

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