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Found 6 results

  1. Good afternoon. Today, I discovered that the latest event of face punch is killing sleepers, even if they are inside their base sleeping on the ground. When the event is released, 16 dungeons will be spawned approximately if the map size would be 4500. The server gets a backlash because of it as I have seen the server FPS dropping harder than the reputation of Justin Bieber when these pesky dungeons are being spawned in. Reducing it to a minimum of 0.2 instead of 1 works, as only 4 or 5 would spawn which the server loves much more and is able to keep up. however, I would like to see a plugin on the market that removes this event completely. Presuming we will be getting the same show during Christmas, it would not surprise me if more server owners would like to disable these dungeon generations from the map as it tanks your server's fps, especially those with a low budget and a smaller server than the big players do. And please, don't get me wrong here. I love the event myself. Grabbing candy like a madman, running around on the most flat surface possible for the best amount of candy income and then bragging about it in chat if I would win, but the events we have now with the dungeon generations, you can clearly notice that they still haven't learned from last year's problems.
  2. Basically I want to remove the default scientists from the Launch Site inside the puzzle room and replace them with a BotReSpawn profile. However, the reason I prefer not to use a plugin such as NPCKits is because I want the BotReSpawn profile to use custom spawn locations within the puzzle room, and roof, and be able to set other things such as roam range, etc. So, just "reskinning" the NPC's using NPCKits really isn't what i'm looking for. Is there any way to check if the scientist being spawned in specifically at launch site and no where else is not a bot being controlled by BotReSpawn, and then just deleting it? Budget is negotiable.
  3. Bootsy

    Plugin Request

    Hey guys, first time suggestion and not sure if this makes sense... I have little to no knowledge in coding, i can edit configs etc and thats about it. I recently looked at the plugin FirearmModifier which allows players with permissions to craft weapons that have different modifiers like extended mags etc... I'm not sure if this is even possible but would it be possible for a plugin to modify a weapon based on its skin? or can the game itself not differentiate between them? If it is possible and people are willing to make this, could you leave how much it would cost for me to commission this? not sure the going rate on plugins and how difficult this would end up being. My ideal situation would have this incorporated with better loot to have guns of varying skins with different modifiers spawn in the game... Cheers in advance!
  4. I need one like UKN.GG sandbox is a plug-in used by the construction server. The function of the plug-in is to display the material cost required by the player's construction and the maintenance cost of the TC on the right side of the screen like UKN.GG SANDBOX. If you can complete this function, please contact me.If you can do it, I will pay for it
  5. I have this server that a bunch of my friends and I play on and have a good time doing a mix of PvE and Pvp. The maps we use are normally just procedurally generated maps that I take into Rust edit and mark out a "safe zone" where our PvE/RP rules apply. I think its time I bump things up for my buddies and get an actual custom map made. I am willing to pay a price if needed, just let me know a price beforehand please. Below I will list some of the things I am looking for, but I will leave the rest up to creativity 4k map size Try and fit launch site in as the large monument, not too worried about airfield Bandit camp and Outpost please! As many small monuments you can (supermarket, gas stations, etc.) Clearly marked area for the PvE/RP zone. This can be marked with a shape drawn around it on the map, by rock visible on the map, etc. Just something that people can see on the map and know where to go to find the PvE area. PvE area should be somewhat flat (not entirely flat because I think that looks funny mixed with the other terrain) so people can build without having to worry too much about hills getting in the way. Roads going through PvE area so people can build their businesses and homes along them to encourage roleplay and such. PvE zone does not need to be too big, there are only about 10 or so of us at the moment, but we each will build a home and some sort of business more than likely. We are also still getting new friends in as we play. Custom monuments/monument designs are welcome! I am not the best at explaining stuff sometimes so if you have any questions or anything like that please feel free to ask! Thank you in advance to anyone that is willing to help! You can contact me here, or add me on Discord: Junior#6969
  6. Hi, I'm currently using a modified version of @Birthdates Cupboard Protection. Which works perfectly for the type of server i run. However, with unbreakable TCs we do run into some issues. Some of this has been mitigated with Entity Limiting, but it's not the most ideal solution. What i had in mind was having a configurable amount of TCs that have the protection (for main bases, mutli tc designs) and an amount that act like regular TCs (raid bases, perimeter TCs) For example a player could put down the TC and has the option to have the protection applied to it. Any other TCs can be broken. This this something that is possible? Many Thanks


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