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  1. GamingHQ

    Clans missing

    Good morning. After the last update of FacePunch, it seems that the clans are missing, not knowing what happened. We might think that the clans didn't saved during the daily reboot. Does anyone else have similar experiences since the last patch of FacePunch?
  2. GamingHQ

    bots spawned on 0, 0, 0,

    i have found the problem. it seems that i had overseen the custom spawns option indeed. Gotta have to look better next time. if i do can be honest, its a bit confusing depending on the config for the botspawns. Any future plans on a GUI by any chance?
  3. GamingHQ

    Bank Heist

    lets hope this plugin keeps being updated then the "guarded crates" plugin.
  4. GamingHQ

    bots spawned on 0, 0, 0,

    hello there. yes, if i load up the map in the editor, i come on the same spot as where the npc are ingame. There are no custom spawns on that mountain... i might have mistyped the main issue here, my apologies. its not 0,0,0 but it does spawns in the middle of the map. The custom spawns is set to false, they should be hanging out on monuments during night time ( for server rewards being x3 for cash during night time ) but at day, they only hang around on the launch site. They do walk there, but for some reason they also end up in the middle of the map. The custom spawn
  5. GamingHQ

    Custom images

    Good morning. For some reason, selfmade images for the chests are not loading in properly into the cases plugin. i have set them the same way as the other images are, but no results. Could this be related to image lib plug on umod? or is this related in some other way/plugin?
  6. GamingHQ

    bots spawned on 0, 0, 0,

    Good morning. I have been looking into a problem i have for a solid 2 months. As i still havent found a solution, i'm going to ask it here. The issue is that some of the NPC i assigned to a monument are not spawning there, but in the middle of the map. Could i have been overlooking something or did i missed some setting? ( we are talking here about a custom map build with the use of npc spawners and this plugin. )
  7. GamingHQ


    10/10 would buy this. This is a perfect alternative way then the free clan system on umod. This is worth every single penny i spend.
  8. GamingHQ

    Clan accept fail

    Good morning Mevent When inviting a user to the clan, the user cannot join as the button right top corner is not interactable. When creating a clan, the "link" for a avatar has the same limitation as clan names. only 6 letters can be placed. Suggestions/ideas Limit the player list to players that logged in in the past 14 days or 7 days. I presume there is not a single clan willing to invite inactive players. This could also be something good related to the Loading avatar issue we had last time. Allowing to define certain skins for certain body parts. F
  9. GamingHQ


    For those buying the plugin with a high pop server, wait for Mevent to update the plugin before you activate it. Talked with him trough discord as grabbing avatars of each player might cause a crash of the plugin. He should fix this tonight when he is back home. but guys... its worth every single penny! what a massive amount of options. i love it.
  10. GamingHQ

    Acid Rain

    Good morning. Does anyone know if there a youtuber with a example of how this plugin works? Would like to see its effects before applying this on the server. Thanks in advance!

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