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  1. Mackenzie

    block chat command and text

    Hey mate, the /block command isnt working for me. Also the blocked text is showing some of the code info. Please see image below. Many thanks
  2. Hey mate, would you consider also adding TC code/whitelist sync from TC to doors?
  3. Noticed when we have players connected from PT at the time the plugin starts a new period we get this error in the console and the time/bar graphic doesn't update. CultureNotFoundException: Culture name en-PT is not supported. Parameter name: name A reload of the plugin seems to fix this.
  4. Auto Turrets require upkeep from the Tool Cupboard. Example config: "Turret Upkeep": true, "Upkeep": [ { "Resource": "High Quality Metal", "Amount": 10, }, { "Resource": "Metal Fragments", "Amount": 100, }, .... "Permissions": [ { "Permission": "Turret.default", "Permission": "turret.NoUpKeep", ....
  5. Mackenzie

    DST winter clock changes

    Thanks TF Crazy, Just some additional visual info to go with my text incase it helps, couldn't upload at the original time of posting.
  6. Mackenzie

    DST winter clock changes

    Server time remains the same, but locally we've dropped back an hour. But setting 23:00-00:00 and then 00:00 - 06:00 leads to people being confused that the no raid time is 1 hour. Hopefully that makes sense. I wish we'd stop with this DTS stuff tbh
  7. Mackenzie

    DST winter clock changes

    Hey TF, With the clocks changing recently our current times need to go back an hour. However this crosses the date line. What was 00:00-07:00 now needs to be 23:00-06:00 Is this at all possible? Many Thanks
  8. Raid Limit would be great +1 Include permission levels so different groups have different raid amounts Along with the Raid Limit, maybe a newbie Raid Protection - When a new to the server join they are protected from raids for X hours unless they engage in Raiding or turn it off. This might not be possible and is very unique. But i run a more casual server and we don't allow repeat raiding within 24hours. It would be great if the plugin could handle that. Player1 raids Player2, can't re-raid Player2 for 24/XX hours. Would require some cooldown from the first rocket to the last. Player1 can still raid others
    For the longest time i'd been using a combination of plugins from another popular plugin site in order to Auth & Sync player details between Discord and Oxide. But they have been very inconsistent. Neko's Auth systems does what it says on the box. On top of this it also provides 2 way feedback. Feedback for the user to confirm the information and logging for mods and admins. Combine this with the base plugin and you have a very powerful feature at your disposal. I looking forward to this plugin growing and hopefully seeing two way role/permission, bans and name sync. Plus i fully expect Neko to have some other tricks in the works. Neko has been friendly and very supportive when i've had question. Highly recommend this plugin!
    Neko has done an amazing job with this plugin, originally i had only been interested in the extension called Rust Magic Auth. But after using this bot with my mod team i can see it's a must have for any server owner. The ease and ability to pull up information quickly inside Discord in either a mod channel or support ticket really speeds things up. The notify option for problem plays keeps everyone updated when they logon and off. Neko is friendly and very supportive when i had questions. I look forward to see how this plugin develops further!
  9. I'm looking for a Rust Plugin and Discord Bot combination. The current set of plugins that allow similar functionally on another plugin site are either outdated, or inconsistent in there functionality. I'm open to discussion with regards to cost for development. How i see the Plugin/Bot functioning. - Player joins Discord and see's Discord Bot, showing server status ( player count ...etc) - Player types /auth in-game - Receives code in-game privately (4 characters long) will also expire after X mins - Player messages Discord bot the code - Bot applies a Role in Discord and in-game if correct, otherwise warn code is incorrect Option Config Function. - Option, Sync names in-game to Discord true/false - Option, If player is banned in-game apply user defined Discord Role (eg. Banned Role) true/false - Option, If player is muted (mutes applied by RustAdmin) in-game apply user defined Discord Role (eg. Muted Role) true/false - Option, Sync bans with Discord true/false - Option, Sync any number of roles/permission and vice versa between Discord and Umod. eg Discord "Twitch Sub Roles" Oxide "Supporter Roles" Oxide "Regular Role" Discord "Regular Role" Additional. - Discord command to retrieve players Steam ID and in-game name, Admins only. !getid discordname#0000 - if syncing is off but user has linked steam to there discord profile - Discord command to remove/reinstate name syncing for user, Admins only. !namesync discordname#0000 - if syncing is on either remove or reinstate name syncing for that user. Any question let me know or reach out to me on Discord Many Thanks
  10. Hey TF Crazy, I have a couple "would like to have's" if you think they fit. 24 hours block, would save some UI space making am/pm redundant Server Message in chat when a player attacks any objects protected by the plugin. eg. "You can not raid at this time. You can raid in ##h ##m Because i run my protection from 00:00 - 07:00 i've noticed that i don't get the "A no raid period has begin..." message due to it ticking over to a new day. Anything that can be done...or possibly a couple timed message options just before the no raid period comes in? Loving the plugin though and players love the clean UI! Many Thanks
  11. Thanks TF. Maybe its due to crossing the day threshold? Tested locally but only by setting times a few mins apart. Our No Raid times are from midnight to 07:00 so when it hit midnight last night i was surprised to see Finished. Appreciate thats a bit of a bastard to test unless it's possible to manipulate the Rust Server time. But if i can provide additional info please do ask. Happy to help with the troubleshooting.
  12. Hey TF, sorry mate. I might be being an idiot here :X With the following setuip. When it ticks over to the new day it shows finished. It's only when i reload the plugin it shows the timer again }, "• Thursday": { "» All day raid": false, "» No raid all day": false, "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] }, "• Friday": { "» All day raid": false, "» No raid all day": false, "» Schedules": [ { "» Start": "08:00", "» End": "00:00" } ] }, And it didn't send a message when the the raiding period ended or when it started. "• Message when raids are allowed": { "» Enabled": true, "» Effect": true }, "• Message when raids are finished": { "» Enabled": true, "» Effect": true }, "• Refresh rate": 1.0 },

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