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The Golden Egg 1.9.15

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About The Golden Egg

Once found, the Golden Egg can bring you great riches, but it doesn't want to remain hidden...


How it works:

The majority of the following is configurable, but out of the box here's how it works. Each time a player opens a crate (Locked, Elite, Military or Normal), the egg has a chance to spawn. Once found, the player will receive a UI message with instructions (see screenshot), and a server wide chat message will be broadcast alerting other players. 60 seconds after the egg is found, the players position will be marked on the map for all to see. If the player makes it home, or another player gets home with the egg, it can then be placed in a box and will start generating resources every hour. By default this is scrap, but if another resource is placed in the box with the egg (by default this is hqm, metal frags, or low grade fuel) the egg will instead generate that resource. The egg will only generate one resource at a time, but which resource is up to you. Optionally Sulfur Ore or Cooked Sulfur can be enabled, along with up to three custom items (for example, supply signals, red keycards, 5.56 ammo, etc etc).

While in a box, the egg will be permanently marked on the map, making the player a target. The marker is a broad circle, so it will give the general position, but not down to the exact room or box. There is however an optional command for this.

Introduced in 1.7.0 are roam buffs, which optionally increase health, pickup and gather rates whilst holding the egg, This helps incentivize players to take the egg out of their base, and can make for some really fun encounters.

If at any point the player wishes to remove the marker and get rid of the egg, they can choose to crack it open, which will award the player with one of the following by default:

  •  5 Incendiary and 3 HV Rockets
  •  MP5 + Ammo
  •  LR300 Rifle
  •  M39 + Ammo
  •  Multiple Grenade Launcher
  •  M249 + Ammo

Alternatively, you can use the config option Use custom item list when cracking open the egg and instead add your own list of rewards. The plugin will choose one item at random from your list, and will fallback to the default list above if there are any issues (spelling mistakes etc).

You can use the following link to grab the shortnames of the items you want: https://www.corrosionhour.com/rust-item-list/

Once cracked open, or otherwise destroyed/lost, the egg can again be found in crates. There will only ever be one egg available at a time.

The plugin will also keep track of the amount of time a player has held the egg (either in their inventory or in a box), along with their team, and an overall team total.

In 1.8.2 there's a new custom event included that will drop a configurable amount of crates at a moment which can only be hacked with the egg in your inventory. See the update notes for 1.8.2 for more detail.



  • Highly configurable
  • Server wide message when the egg is found or destroyed
  • Optional webhook to discord when the egg is found or destroyed
  • A "spam check" so players can't just open and close crates really quickly to increase their odds
  • While the egg can be hidden in stashes, it will not generate resources
  • Optional vending marker as well as the circle marker (the vending marker can have a custom name)
  • Data logging for amount of time holding the egg
  • Clear or retain player data on map wipe
  • Leaderboard for the top 5 players
  • Command to place the top player (and team) in an oxide group temporarily (requires Timed Permissions)
  • Option to block cracking open the egg during a raid
  • Option to kill the egg after a certain amount of time
  • Option to stop adding time when the player is in a safe zone / the egg is in a stash / the egg is in a building / between certain hours / under a minimum pop
  • Change the item name, skin and CUI image to your liking
  • Dynamic command name option
  • TruePVE support (see release notes for 1.6.2)
  • Roam Buffs to increase health, pickup and gather rates whilst holding the egg (see 1.7.0 release notes)
  • Custom chinook crate event included
  • Option to blacklist certain commands (eg Teleport, Trade etc)
  • Option to destroy the egg after x seconds in a safe zone or building blocked zone



Default values: The spawn chances look low, but after a lot of testing these values are still hit but pretty rarely, making the egg more valuable when finally found. Increase them to suit if you prefer though. The player marker refresh time of 25 seconds is just about enough time for the player to stay out of the marker at a full sprint, but only just. I found that to be a good value but again, adjust as you see fit.

Item Skins: If the item appears but the skin doesn't load, that means that it's an issue at your client end (not the plugin). It may be related to Steam issues, your download speeds or Rust issues. Also, rarely, some skins are just broken in which case they'll never load. The game doesn't give any meaningful feedback on this (occasionally a red unity error on screen), so just try another skin ID (you may need to quit and restart Steam in these cases). To find a skin you want to use, grab the number from the end of the URL on it's workshop page, eg https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2674986096. Approved skins will load faster in game than non-approved.

TruePVE: For servers running TruePVE, a new config option allows damage to bases and players if they have the egg in their possession. If the egg is inside a base, the plugin will check for both TC auth and proximity before allowing damage. If the egg is on a player, damage will be allowed within a radius of that player.

Roam Buffs: Pickups include items out in the world, but not items grown yourself in a planter.

Chinook Event: I'd recommend using this - https://github.com/WheteThunger/BetterChinookPatrol - to properly randomise the monuments that the chinooks visit, rather than have it just pick one and stick to it all wipe.


Available Commands (the command name is customisable in the config):

/egg find - Will pinpoint the exact position of the egg once found. Requires permissions (thegoldenegg.use)

/egg list - Will show the available resource generation options, along with their generation times (dynamic based on your config)

/egg time - Will show the remaining time before the next resource generation

/egg leader - Will show the top 5 players who have had possession of the egg (and their team total)

/egg help - Will show a series of help messages and info

/egg kill - Will destroy the egg instantly (admins only)

/egg expire - For use along with the "Destroy the egg after x minutes" option. This will print the time remaining until the egg is destroyed.

/egg event - To manually kick off the chinook event (admins only)

/egg winner – Will place the person who has held the egg the longest (and their team if they have one) in the oxide group you specify for the time you specify (requires Timed Permissions)

/egg purge – Will destroy the egg and wipe the data file


Default Config:

  "Egg spawn chance for Locked Crates (0 to 100)": 0.04,
  "Egg spawn chance for Elite Crates": 0.04,
  "Egg spawn chance for Military Crates": 0.03,
  "Egg spawn chance for Normal Crates": 0.02,
  "Marker Settings": {
    "Show map marker when the egg is in a box": true,
    "Show map marker when the egg is on a player": true,
    "Player marker refresh time (seconds)": 15,
    "Box marker refresh time (seconds)": 30,
    "Initial marker delay when the egg is found": 60,
    "Marker Radius": 0.7,
    "Marker Transparency": 0.7,
    "Marker Color (hex)": "#fa030a",
    "Marker Border Color (hex)": "#000000",
    "Add a Vending marker": false,
    "Vending Marker Name": "The Golden Egg"
  "Resource Settings": {
    "Resource Spawn Time (seconds)": 3600,
    "Scrap Spawn Amount (0 to disable)": 50,
    "HQM Spawn Amount": 25,
    "Low Grade Spawn Amount": 100,
    "Metal Frags Spawn Amount": 1000,
    "Allow Sulfur Ore": false,
    "Sulfur Ore Spawn Amount": 600,
    "Allow Cooked Sulfur": false,
    "Cooked Sulfur Spawn Amount": 400,
    "Custom Item 1 (use item shortname, eg ammo.rifle, gears, green.berry)": "",
    "Custom Item 1 Amount": 1,
    "Custom Item 1 Spawn Time (seconds)": 14400,
    "Custom Item 2": "",
    "Custom Item 2 Amount": 1,
    "Custom Item 2 Spawn Time (seconds)": 10800,
    "Custom Item 3": "",
    "Custom Item 3 Amount": 1,
    "Custom Item 3 Spawn Time (seconds)": 7200
  "Item Customisation": {
    "Item Name": "The Golden Egg",
    "Item Skin ID": 0,
    "Item Found Image in Game (use an image 1000x400)": "https://i.imgur.com/3Yf5iaD.png",
    "Chat command": "egg",
    "Item Found Image for the Discord Webhook": "https://i.imgur.com/Knn0X37.png",
    "Item Lost Image for the Discord Webhook": "https://i.imgur.com/GxlVNSa.png"
  "Roam Settings": {
    "Increase health whilst holding the egg": true,
    "Total health": 150,
    "Increase ore/wood gather rate whilst holding the egg": true,
    "Gather multipler": 2.0,
    "Increase pickup amount whilst holding the egg (hemp/food etc)": true,
    "Pickup multipler": 2.0,
    "Don't allow roam bonus while server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0,
    "Don't allow roam bonus between certain hours": true,
    "Start of time period": "1AM",
    "End of time period": "7AM",
    "Broadcast a chat message when someone starts roaming": true
  "Event Settings": {
    "Run the chinook event": true,
    "Number of crates to drop": 2,
    "Crate unlock time": 600,
    "Maximum additional items to add to the crate(s)": 15,
    "Run the event once, between a certain time": true,
    "Start of time period": "8PM",
    "End of time period": "10PM",
    "Run the event on repeat": false,
    "Minimum time between events (seconds)": 3600.0,
    "Maximum time between events (seconds)": 7200.0,
    "Don't run the event if server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0,
    "Show map marker": true,
    "Marker Radius": 0.5,
    "Marker Transparency": 0.4,
    "Marker Color (hex)": "#ecf97f",
    "Marker Border Color (hex)": "#000000"
  "Let players with permission pinpoint the egg on screen (use /egg find)": true,
  "Send a webhook when the egg is found/destroyed": "https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/228383668-Intro-to-Webhooks",
  "Don't add time while the player is in a safe zone": true,
  "Don't add time while the egg is in a stash": true,
  "Don't add time while the egg is in a building": false,
  "Don't add time while server pop is below (leave at 0 to disable)": 0,
  "Don't add time between certain hours": false,
  "Start of time period": "1AM",
  "End of time period": "6AM",
  "Destroy the egg if in a safe zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0,
  "Destroy the egg if in a building blocked zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0,
  "Destroy the egg if in a Raidable Base zone for longer than (seconds, leave at 0 to disable)": 0.0,
  "Name of permission group to grant with /egg winner (requires Timed Permissions plugin)": "",
  "Duration to grant access to group (requires Timed Permissions plugin). Format: 1d12h30m": "28d",
  "Destroy the egg after x minutes (leave at 0 to disable)": 0,
  "Block player from cracking open the egg while being raided": true,
  "Raid block timer": 300,
  "Data save interval": 300,
  "Clear data on map wipe": true,
  "Use custom item list when cracking open the egg": false,
  "Custom item list (use item shortname, eg rifle.m39, explosive.timed, etc": [
  "Blacklist commands whilst holding the egg": false,
  "Blacklisted commands": [
  "TruePVE Only": {
    "Enable damage to players and bases if they have the egg": false,
    "Max distance between players for damage to register": 100.0


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