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About RustyBangers

Rusty Bangers is a UI for Vehicle Licence.

Check out updates below

Vehicle Licence


Rusty Bangers now requires vehiclelicence.use permission to be opened
Players can now only see options for vehicles that they have been granted permissions to spawn.

/rusty << opens the UI


 "Page1PermSettings": {
    "MiniCopter Permission": "vehiclelicence.minicopter",
    "Scrap Transport Heli Permission": "vehiclelicence.transportcopter",
    "Hot Air Balloon Permission": "vehiclelicence.hotairballoon",
    "Chinook Permission": "vehiclelicence.chinook",
    "Rhib Permission": "vehiclelicence.rhib",
    "RowBoat Permission": "vehiclelicence.rowboat",
    "Sedan Permission": "vehiclelicence.sedan",
    "Horse Permission": "vehiclelicence.ridablehorse"
  "Page2PermSettings": {
    "Small Chassis Permission": "vehiclelicence.smallchassis",
    "Medium Chassis Permission": "vehiclelicence.mediumchassis",
    "Large Chassis Permission": "vehiclelicence.largechassis",
    "Small Mod Car Permission": "vehiclelicence.smallmodularcar",
    "Medium Mod Car Permission": "vehiclelicence.mediummodularcar",
    "Large Mod Car Permission": "vehiclelicence.largemodularcar"
  "PageSettings": {
    "Second Page active": true
  "ButtonSettings": {
    "Buy Button Color": "1 0 0 1",
    "Deliver Button Color": "0 1 0 1",
    "Recall Button Color": "0 0 1 1",
    "Kill Button Color": "0.5 0.5 0.5 1"

Set your config Variables to the same details displayed in your Vehicle Licence Config

Button Color Configuration is done in the RGBA format with values between 0 and 1. Examples at bottom.

Vehicle licence config

Here is a pastebin link for the config I use.. if your missing cars and chassis this contains them as you have to manually create them now. (Set prices and cool downs to your requirements mine maybe weird because it's for testing)



Color Examples

blackSolid black. RGBA is (0 0 0 1).
blueSolid blue. RGBA is (0 0 1 1).
clearCompletely transparent. RGBA is (0 0 0 0).
cyanCyan. RGBA is (0 1 1 1).
grayGray. RGBA is (0.5 0.5 0.5 1).
greenSolid green. RGBA is (0 1 0 1).
greyEnglish spelling for grey. RGBA is the same (0.5 0.5 0.5 1).
magentaMagenta. RGBA is (1 0 1 1).
redSolid red. RGBA is (1 0 0 1).
whiteSolid white. RGBA is (1 1 1 1).

The Last digit dictates Alpha channel... so for an opaque appearance select a value below 1  E.g. 0.7


V1.0.4 Global configuration section removed thanks to Arainrr exposing fields in VehicleLicence for the RustyBangers project.

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