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About STFU

STFU is a simple player voice muting system (that doesn't interfere with game chat or running commands like some others do)
STFU handles times as Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, or perm mutes.

Optional output to discord via webhook (Requires DiscordMessages by Slut on uMod)

STFU.user << required to use in-game commands

In-Game Commands
To mute:

/STFU <target> <duration> "reason"

Reasons for multiple words must be contained in quotations
/STFU Death 2d "Shouting reeee continuously."  

for perm mutes, just use the word "perm."
/STFU Death Perm "Reee'd again."

To Unmute:

/UnShut <target>

/UnShut Death

Console Commands

same as above but without the slash
To Mute:

STFU <Target> <Duration> "reason"

To Unmute:

UnShut <Target>

Console all so has the command. 


Which will print all current bans to console


The configuration is only needed if you wish to output to discord via DiscordMessages

  "Report to Discord": false,
  "Discord Webhook": "DiscordWebhook URL"


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