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KDR 1.0.1

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About KDR

The "KDR" plugin allows for tracking kills and deaths of players to calculate their KDR (Kill-Death Ratio). It offers four pre-made user interface settings, which can be fully customized in the configuration file.
The kill points are counted for NPC and player

Main Features:

Player Data Tracking: Calculates kills, deaths, and the resulting KDR for each player.

UI Customization: Four pre-made UI settings that can be completely changed in the configuration file.


/kdr: Displays a list of players with their kills, deaths, and KDR values.

 /h.kdr to close the UI

kdr.wipe [SteamID]: Clears the data for a specific player and resets everything to 0. Without a SteamID, all data is deleted.

kdr.wipeall : Everything is deleted here

Data Storage and Recovery: Player-specific data is persistently stored and reloaded on server restarts.

Customizable UI Elements: Users can determine the appearance and arrangement of UI elements through the configuration file.

Console Support: In addition to chat commands for players, console commands are available for administrators.


  "Count NPC kills": false,
  "Count suicides": false,
  "Count players kills": false,
  "Selected Interface option (key)": "4",


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